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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fork in Philly

There are 2 kinds of friendly restaurants....those where staff are trained to be friendly and those where they hire friendly people. This is the latter. And what they are cooking here ain't bad either. In fact the decor and food are beyond appealing. A highlight of a great weekend in Philadelphia.
       The winter salad and celery root baked and soaked with bitter greens...grapefruit sorbet. All taste and eye appealing.

A word for BING BING DIM SUM one passyunk ave...great soup and veggie dumplings.

Celery root

Saturday, January 21, 2017

IPIC in the South Street Seaport

Head east on Fulton till you come to this theatre with recliners and lobster rolls and paninis...drinks soft and hard...and for us Hidden Figures a great movie for Jan 20. I even liked the art work which readers of my blog will appreciate.

Surfish...park slope 5th&5th SURPRISE/REPRISE

When Sunfish first opened several years ago we began enjoying a Peruvian variety of tastes presented by Chef Miguel ...a Chopped TV competitor and winner. He was the key to understanding the restaurant name...a combination of his two loves :surfing and fish. Then with a new larger location in the South Slope they closed.  The S Slope location is still cookin' but without interest in why, the original has reopened better than ever.   Clam curry,short ribs (above the surf and above excellent), hamachi, salmon and tacos. For dessert shaved ice with passion fruit,berries and cream (OMG!).
                   For warmer weather there is a garden, but in the winter the cozy interior will surf-ice. Welcome back friends.

POLLO  Stirfry


Tacos  ...special request Veggie version

Monday, October 10, 2016

Grist Mill 289 5th Avenue Park Slope

This is a new restaurant which made many first impressions and one very strong lasting impression. First it seemed expensive. Then it felt attractive and soon it tasted special.The oven was warming beyond the heat (same as Robertas). The tatemado was made with salsa verde cilantro and jalapeno. It was moist and decorated with a husk and sinfully good salsa. Beets and beet greens went together like a horse and carriage and the esquite pizza had a perfect crust,corn, ricotta, and toasted sesame seeds and mozzarella (ask for some pepper oil to moisten it). The mushroom pizza looked good  and i liked the cheese pizza. The menu lists all the local farms and
the chef comes through as a priest for good eating. Final impression...the extra cost is answered by a gem quality relaxed fine meal.


mushroom pizza

beet salad

Charred carrots to remember

Sunday, August 14, 2016

DeSelby's no. 9 Cambden Street Lower Dublin 2 Ireland


Wellington with traffic cone
A small brief menu with something for everyone.  Dublin is a big place and this gem offers respite from its overwhelming history of strife and beauty. In a town of fine words (sung, read, and spoken),
DeSelby's offers fine tastes tastefully served.

Wee Curry ; several Glascow locations.

Arnie Grad has many good ideas...this was another. Our last dining in Scotland featured fresh poppadoms and  said Jeanne "the best veggie curry" and great shrimp said I with paratha.
Paratha and rice
The best veggie curry

LAKESIDE MANOR HOTEL; Virginia; Co. Cavan Ireland

Pre staging for John and Virginia family wedding bash on a beauteous lake. Dinner included an oven baked stone with a companion steak and other fresh items but the clan emerging for after dinner drinks was a highlight .
Lakeside Stile

The Clan

Hot stone and steak