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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Salud to Catfish and Bushwick

For exercise on Fathers Day we walked Evergreen Cemetery where my brother planted flags on Flag Day as a boy scout. Surprised to find Salud across from the Multi service Center on Bushwick Ave but we had to stop in for a cider and platinos. June was in charge and seemed to be a master at engagement. Great salvaged wood and open air environment with huge beer menu.

 A bakery established in 1945 called Ciros  provided the lemon ice after we visited my birthplace on Harmon . We then moved to Bedford Ave near Prospect place to eats oysters and slaw and veggie jambalaya  and corn bread and crab CATFISH. The craw fish looked great but i was too lazy.
green drink at Catfish


craw fish at catfish

spicy slaw

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Rhinebeck's Route 9 : path to Southern India via Cinnamon

The dining at Local was superb and the room at Rhinecliff hotel and Sunday Jazz brunch was A1...
but the trip the find was Cinnamon for Kerala salad with cukes and peeper and dosa marsala and dosa with curry chicken...hold the onions next time but picking them out was workable and the dishes were almost Flushing good. The mango kulfi was like a creamsicle from heaven.
Chicken curry dosa

long table with stools at Cinnamon

The Local Seafood stew ...chioppo

Cin bar

mango kulfi

Marsala dosa

Sunday, April 24, 2016

ORTOBELLO 64-01 Bay Parkway Bensonhurst Brooklyn

The gold flecked threads in the glassy wall tiles?  The Mom of this Mom and Pop restaurant?
The long table with 14 family members celebrating a birthday? The two wine choices (white and red)?

What was it that made this sweet Italian red sauce emporium bring back the warm memories of Salernos and other Bushwick/ Ridgewood neighborhood places of  my youth. The chef had much to do it a small kitchen but a great salad and good bread kept us going until the linguine putenesca arrived with a plate of chicken parm big enough to feed troop 300 on Stanhope street. The ziti helped fill out the take home bag. I woke thinking of the red peppers in the salad and the olives in the

$9 for a HUGE salad



The view

putenesca and the vast field of parm....and the family of four next to us who also seemed to travel from 1955...they were so engaged with each other ...kept and healthy and passionate orderers and eaters.

Ortobello Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

WILLOW 506 Franklin Ave Bed Sty Bklyn

The table in this intimate sweet restaurant had many sides to accompany the Hanger steak and trout as whole as it could be absent the bones...grilled root veggies and fried Brussels sprouts and scallops and...grunerx2. Related to the Pines on 3 ave and now a stop to make as we walk Brooklyn in the Spring.

fried Brussels sprouts



potato salad


Berry /ice cream dessert

root vegetables

ice cream berries and granola


potato leek soup

Monday, January 11, 2016

MAX LONDON's in Saratoga Springs NY

Zach Cutler is Exec Chef and Genl Manager at my new favorite in Saratoga. Brunch at the Gideon on Sunday was atmospheric and plentiful. Sperry's and Hattie's lacked the veggies for Jeanne. And Fornos was good but service was odd and slow.
        And then there is Max and Zach! Attractive restaurant and a menu with something for everyone....and a great bakery attached. The  Caesar salad had just enough of an anchovy whiff to tantalize ..

Hail Caesar

You say tomato; Jeanne says mmm

A star chicken

and the fried chicken was char-rific with a gravy bonus. Jeanne loved her roasted tomato soup and veg app...New Zealand sauvignon fit the bill.  

Max London's Restaurant + Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

KINGS COUNTY IMPERIAL ...20 Skillman Ave ...Williamsburg Chinese

Tracey Jane Young and Josh Grinker joined with Josh Foster to create Stone Park and they have become friends
and Stone Park is still a favorite but Grinker and Tracey with support from Foster have now given Brooklyn its missing link to Chinese food. And not just any Chinese food ,but a mix of dim sum and moo shu duck and Chinese greens and noodles and whole dorad.and more. As for ambiance ,
the style is a blend of Asian design and Williamsburg cool.
                And now to the item to ask for near opening time: Soup Dumplings...aka juicy buns.
We had two orders for 3 of us and could have had many more. With respect to all those who claim to serve the best soup encased dumplings...there are 3 aspects to a good soupy,slurpy, perfectly steamed
bun: 1 dough here it is thin enough to break when you want it to and twisted at the top just enough to grab ; 2 The soup must taste deep but not goupy..score! ; and 3 The crab and pork flavor should suggest that a feast is to! Yes, but are they the best I have ever had???................................. yes/YES.

pork shoulder shumai

pea shoots

chicken dumplings

Soup Dumplings

Monday, January 4, 2016

ZUM STAMMTISCH 69-46 Myrtle Ave in Glendale Queens "Got geese?"

The menu in the window said goose at Wallse fancy restaurant on 11st  and that triggered a sense memory which I mentioned to my son and our twin compulsive natures drove us to Heidelberg restaurant(closed Monday) and then chinatown (where one peking duck chef warned to beware of counterfeit geese ..Those restaurants who had advertised Xmas or new years geese removed them today from their menus. Said Corey ,"The only goose is in your old hood". And so we did the now cool L train (under which I was raised at theWilson stop  which had changed its name from Hamburg after WW1 broke out, but given the drop in President Wilson stock, it could change again).

Like Triangle Hoffbrau and Gebhards Restaurant(both gone), Zum has the Old School Germanic Umpah vibe and on Monday night they were packed. Waiting to serve us was the elegant and warm toasty veteran Nerina. On the plates assorted salats like cuke and beet and slaw...and red cabbage and spaetzle and..............GOOOOSE.  Our Goose was cooked... in a crisp and meaty slightly gamey memorable way. For more goose jokes create your own...we are too happy to josh.
ample pinot in a nostalgia glass


The golden goose