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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stone Park and the Night of the slider reprise

Beet salad

Slider 1


slider 2

The Jug Addicts

bottom up:Frank ,Eric eats,Nadine,Harry

l to r: Tim, Frank, ericeats
Nadine sent some photo reminders of a great night. Stone Park history was made that night when Nadine order a rib slider as an appetizer and then doubled down for desert. What a tribute to this succulent star
in the TWO JOSHES' firmament. There was the gnocchi and beet salad too and a fine time with Bill Carney's Jug Addicts at Barbes including Shawn with his red hair and Sunnyside Bushwick roots. Jeanne was there for the dinner and Harry and Tim and frank.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


What more do you need to know? Maybe that the mad hatters tea cup is free on your birthday and filled with cider or beer. Or that the pub grub is from the upstairs the ham and cheese grilled with grainy mustard.  Or that this Brit oasis will leave you feeling good on any night...especially one where the breeze off the Hudson is icy.

Old English Pub and Pantry on Urbanspoon

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Wolf ,respite from a cold bitter night

roasted cauliflower
on 6 av in the slope and 12 street...with the long community table and wood burning by day ...good dining at night. And the salad with root vegetables was a nice mix of cooked and un. Jeanne's vegi onion soup left her howling with joy. This was our second choice because Talde's first night on 7av created a 2 hour wait. And i am excited to go soon, but the roast chicken and fingerlings in duck fat (in spite of the reheat required to get the red out of the chicken) made this more than a back up. Warmth from the oven and the nice people here who cook and serve. Jack London's white fang or Gogol's overcoat were brought to mind by the suddenly frigid weather... but the parts where they warm up and sip soup.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pauls in Southampton next to the movie theatre...

A winter swim brings a hunger made for Paul's

shrimp parm

linguine and clams


the devils shrimps

Shrimp parm

So this is the place for fresh affordable food   and friendly service . The post new year dinner was just what the two polar bears and 5yo Sophie and...all of us wanted.