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Sunday, January 19, 2014

CHAGALL...5st and 5 av in slope...special guest Prof Ray Horton entry

Hi Eric,

I decided to treat my accomplished ladies to a nice dinner last week, the girls for their first term grades and Jackie for finishing her manuscript on Barnabas Horton. We decided to go to one of our favorites on 5th Avenue, Belleville, only to find out it’s been turned into a kosher bistro. Have you reviewed it? Here’s mine: started off wrong by ordering a Manhattan, only to find they don’t have a liquor license or don’t care to serve cocktails; things got worse when my steak tartar arrived, totally bland and not to be fixed up with a dose of Worcestershire sauce because that evidently is not part of a kosher kitchen; ordered a second appetizer, beef tongue, because the entrees were prohibitively expensive (for me, not my daughters) which was overcooked and topped by something like a bĂ©arnaise sauce (made I presume with soy rather than cream). When the bill arrived, $300 plus, including the 18% gratuity built in, I decided to have a conversation with the young woman who had been interrupting our meal every ten minutes with the “Is everything all right question.” That was the best part of the meal. She was delightful, explaining among other things that the French don’t use horseradish with beef tongue (as my mother did). So, to sum, if I won the lottery I’d go back again with a better understanding of what I was going to be getting in my erstwhile French restaurant. (Jackie had a somewhat different experience so I’m copying her.)

I guess I assumed you’d reviewed Chagall and was curious about what you thought of it.


Saturday, January 11, 2014


On Flatbush avenue near st marks and near Barclays...This was Frannys and is still Franny's. But for her pizza head toward Grand Army Plaza. For Jeanne's birthday we got to enjoy Marcos. Superior waiter. Super smoked olives and charming cauliflower appetizer and succulent chicken and persecco and late harvest desert wine with the tasty dessert treat and thoughtful candle.

killer to die for smoked olives

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albero dei gelati

I have only been to Italia 4 times and that includes my visits to dell'albeno dei gelati at 341 5av in park slope bklyn.  When you go listen first
to Paolo Conti's Lemon Gelato to put you in the mood...but not because all you are going to have is a lemone dessert...No. You want the paninis ,salumi and soup and polenta with mushrooms and cheeses and wines and cafe. You want to soak in the vibe and spread out at a communal table. And please meet the relaxed and warm people who cook and serve.

L'Albero Dei Gelati on Urbanspoon