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Saturday, June 7, 2014

District Tap House...246 west 38st for beers and food you dont expect

Sean Marr leads this totally comfy spot with booths and leather and screens and beer ...and amazing food. We bid on an eight course beer pairing and scored. The Casey Young Foundation dedicated to prevent Sudden Unexplained death( was the auction sponsor. Patrick's birthday gave us the occasion . The team here was terrific and talented and helped out a vegetarian in a special way.

seafood orza rissota

baby beets mache gouda horse radish

Patrick in a good place

Heirloom tomato gazpacho

double chocolat panna cotta

Flying Dog and River Horse and Stone Saison and Kiuchi Hitachino
cous cous and lamb w cumin

. We have been back and will continue to return.

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Grand Nephew hockey star Jeremy turned 13 in Toronto and he is a likable young man of character and genuine
nature. His mom and dad and sister and aunts, uncles,grandparents gathered with 40 of his friends in a great Science museum for the Bar Mitzvah. There was swimming and enjoying the family reunion....but in the ericeats crowd there is ...eating.   Special mention was earned by TOBIN FOOD BY DESIGN who catered the event and a one of a kind brunch with minis galore(bacon and tomato..yes bacon and pancakes and lox and more). They were as good as any caterer ever anywhere.
           But then the food journey began before those treatful events and ended long after. Dim Sum at Dynasty with its lazy susan theme park   Dinner at Torrisi for great pasta and pizza fuel. A side trip for Poutine at a poutinery. And a great evening event at Beer Market managed by the Prime Restaurant Group for which Nephew Jack Gardner does marketing. For those charting my family tree, Jack is married to lovely niece Meryl . (on the way we passed the Kay Gardner expressway named for his activist mother). The rare beers there and music made for fun and a pretzel ask led to an over the top sausage and cheese platter.
           A word about family and food. Wine and beer go well with many dinners but when you get to reunion with warm and loving family pride,memories and love are at the center of the table like candles and flowers. Jeremy quoted from Grandpa Lane's bar mitzvah speech (mine too).."Happiness has 3 facets
anticipation,realization and remembrance" paraphrase the next phrase: That weekend was a WE
called happiness.
Neice Jane and husband Bobby raised high

Jeremy being appreciated for hat trick like performance

A Science Experiment to engage the teens and boomers alike

Beer Market sample

Ham at the bar mitzvah...sweet ham
Kim,Meryl Jane

Photo shopping fun

Haley and Alex building a new cousin bond

Brunch by Tobin