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Monday, May 27, 2013

Peck in Milan and Colline Emilane in highlights from an emotional roller coaster journey

Just got back from the Ukraine where my son and I did a roots search walkabout (ride- about via pot holed roads and beautiful countryside and remote villages. The trip was full of discoveries and while there were many food highlights (and vodka highlights) in the Ukraine the trip began in Rome and ended in Milan and that's where the food starred.
                      In Rome, Elba(the friend not the river) suggested Colline Emiliane since 1931 serving Bolognese like..we just kept saying"fresh" and "the best". The pasta with asparagus and the pork with mashed and the vegetable soup all earned ranks.

                         In Milan, we went at Corey's suggestion to Peck on via Spadari. Also lovely...when done I mentioned to manager Tiziano Barani that I was going to blog Peck...he whisked us away to his new shop on Via Cantu around the corner : Dean And Delucca, your heart out. Wines and fish and meat and rare coffees and more dining upstairs. On the canal we sampled appetizer spots and then settled in to a review of our travels in the upstairs of a fine restaurant ,Reflections.Also great look at roof food expo at la of department store (macys cellar  in the sky with diamonds?).

Meals in the Ukraine began In Chernovitzy and continued north through Rovno to Lvov. Always good salads and pirogie and stews. Warm people...some heartwarming and some sad talks. Dasvidania. Ariverdeci.

The window in Pecks new Milan store


Pecks bad boy

Canal in Milan

Opera House Hotel Lvov overlooking guess what 
A variety plate near Rovno

potato pancakes in the Ukraine

Chernovitz treats

The family mill in korilifka(see film "NO PLACE ON EARTH"


asparagus pasta at Colline


Vegetable Soup from Colline

Tiny and sweet

Borscht with pork on the road to Lvov
veal in cream sauce