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Saturday, June 9, 2018



"Where are you from? " the waiter asked as the locals leaned in.  "BKLN... I was in Marietta in 1968...that make me a local?" They nodded yes.
1968 . last visit to Atlanta

    • soft shell crab
KROG SREET MARKET WAS A "WORTHIT "WALK FROM OUR HOTEL.  After a more than worthit gathering at The Carter Center with The Doris Duke Foundation a quiet dinner was in order.
The market was only partially opened on a Monday but Ticonderoga Club was hidden and open.
Rustic and friendly with a neighborhood feel. The tempura soft shell crab in shrimp sauce over peanuts, snow pea tips, and noodles soaked with papaya and mango was crisp . A side of turnips was good enough to take home if I were closer to home.  My last visit to Atlanta was in 1968 (a story for a different blog). My next visit won't wait that long...and when I go ...I will go back to my club.