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Saturday, February 9, 2013

L'APICIO...the first rule of eat-club is...

Enjoy the members as much as the food. Yes it turns out that I belong to several eat clubs. Who knew?
Yet as I think about it, there are three or four groups that pick restaurants and go together. Kind of like a book club with food...and no reading required....except for the menu, which in the case of Nadine's pick was a joy. And now that she has her own blog( she helps to infuse food blogger synergistic enthusiasm into the events. Frank was there with his Troyish Epicurean palate and Harry arrived in grand style. First Street east of The Bowery with a view of Veselka, the upscale, via the plate glass.

                There is an apostrophe in this name and for me it stands for how understated and unpretentious this highly likable pop up club house is. Why spell it out? The food speaks for itself.

The only merit badge i have but my seal of approval

radichiolesly good

Harry on left arrives once assured of safe entry

Our just desert


polenta alla spianatora w shrimp and bacon?

ricotta and cranberries
The blackened tuna with fennel caponata for example is lush. The winter citrus salad with pomegranate and fennel was just the right start. Frank'''s(3 apostrophes) bosc pear radicchio and blue cheese and hazelnut salad looked attractive as well. Nadine dived into the gnocchi with osso buco ragu and the roasted chicken gave frank his fennel dose and well the pictura ipsa loquitor. We chose and loved the olive oil cake, but our waiter apologizing for some table perimeter tightness donated  what i think was the creme fraich panna cotta with pears and red wine pear sorbet and gingersnap biscotti. I should know but i became absorbed in its mesmerizing beauty and then lost focus in the dueling spoons event.

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