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Sunday, July 27, 2008

SOUTHWEST faces the water at the World Financial Trade Center. Before the River to River Johnny Cash tribute (eclectic excellent) we sampled the lobster club and black bean burger on arepas>>>with a marguarita for my wife (not special)
and a glass of ok white wine for me. The view and ambience was perfect. There are children hosts who seem lost and waiters who actually do get lost.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I say my wife is not a vegetarian but a fusseterian , but I take her side when it comes to vegoppression. Example:
"What do you have for a vegetarian?" Oppressive answer: "The chef will surprise you." Wrong. Would you ask what meats were available and allow a chef surprise?

Grazing Brooklyn

I have eaten out too often, but this is my way of making sure more than girth has been gained. Visit this blog for observations
and insights and for my predictions about the restaurants that will or won't ..the ones you should or shouldn't...the odds your lunch or dinner will or won't meet expectations.
Let's begin on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn: MAXIES. This may become the next five years. Industrial/
child playground ambiance. Hamburgers, fries and shrimp curry. Order at the counter,carry a number on a ten inch flag stand and head to a booth. The eats are inexpensive and fresh. The atmosphere is wild with families at ease and the fries,onion rings, and the service are real.
For a Park Slope brunch visit the "Two Joshes"....aka Stone Park. Here's where you go the Saturday after you start your first big city job when the Rents come to visit from Seattle to let them know you are still in civilization. One of the Joshes won awards in Vermont for his cooking and later showed his stuff at the River Cafe. Great Bloody Mary and the Hang-town Brunch willbring you back 5th av. and 3rd st across from the old stone house where the Marylanders held off the Brits in the August '76 first major battle of the Revolution. Bar menu at night puts you in touch with Meghan or Shay and frito misto or a pulled pork sandwich...fries and Bok Choy are the choice sides. The wine selections are sophisticated and Josh(the front man) will help you choose. He brings years at Tribecca Grill to inform his advise. Pork Chop ,Scallops, and the steak will all please for dinner.
Last of the first postings>>>LV's (la Villa) ...Garfield and 5th Ave. for soup,salads and highly under-rated Pizza>Chicken Parm and the best sausage and broccoli rabe. Casual and friendly...more than friendly: a dozen likable staffers.
First campaign: the Slope needs good chinese shanghai soupy buns/juicy buns..soup filled dumplings and rice cakes.
It is unjust that they are unavailable and if you serve anything other than freshly made moo shu pancakes you are not worthy.