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Monday, May 31, 2010

Gowanus Canal. Brooklyn Yard. Beer and Music UPDATE Lease cancelled two days after nyt story which was two days after this post

FIre waters,gondalas,river walk...Providence,Venice and San Antonio have been joined by Carol Gardens ,South Bklyn Gowanus Canal counterpart. Sure its a superfund sight...sure there were bodies and garbage and such dumped there but when did that ever stop a good party?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rocky Sullivan and Lobster Pound rooftop partnership in Red Hook

The only thing wrong with the lobster that is brought to the roof of Rocky Sullivans is that it didn't bring a friend.I brought my best friend, and she had pizza (pretty good). The weather was lovely and service had far to travel so you need time..and the sides are tiny...but not a bad way to enjoy the Red Hook breezes.


Purple Marylyn ,cousin Nancy's friend, would have loved Purple Yam. Marylyn wore only purple and home decorated in purple. Here on Cortelyou Rd she could eat her favorite hue and taste the purple flour spring rolls(lumpia) and the purple yam sorbett and I guess she could skip the other tasteful morsels like the pomelo salad or the bass with hot peppers ,but thats a steep price for a charming obsession. The chef delivered the bass ;he looked tired and joyous. How could you not enjoy such a relaxed place with Phillipine inventions and a garden and lovely servers who are so on their charming and focused. The new wine bar across the street offers a pre or post place to anticipate or savor the vegetables in green curry .

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yes they have no antipasti...they have areverdeced. After a brief fore into the slope this Petes spinoff has spun away. No signs... no closing party gate lies about renovation. They look as though a mini neutron took them out. Remember Grouchos
song ,"Hello I must be Spagoing."

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anella and Edmund Don Diego's discussion in kindergarten

Well what do these things have in common? Eddie lived in brooklyn(2nd does Frank,but I digress) and Anella is in brooklyn(222 Franklin father's store was at 222 wilson ave,formerly Hamberg ave but there i go again). Anella takes only cash...not sure eddie had reason to accept credit cards. In Kindergarten I asked Ed if he would be my best friend and he said roger was so i could be his second best..i said"you will still be my best friend." I am proud of that even now. Back to food blog business,i noticed that Anella was described as doing amazing things with a wholesome way...and so Jeanne is going to like this , i thought. We ordered the romaine salad( i was sure this was not from the bad e colli Arizona batch...what is wrong in Arizona?)....and watermelon mint salad with feta. And my fussetarian asked for meatless version of the pasta which the very charming professional waiter said was pappadelle with marinara and crushed olives(perfect). When the pasta arrived it had the dreaded peas and a white sauce and spinach. "Not right" we said. "There is a little bit of marinara and some olives in there", he reassured us." The replacement was perfect as was the bread in a flower pot as was were the salads and the wine and the decor and the hosts...we had a pleasant bye but not as good as the hi and jeanne was sure that the waiter liked the other couple better.
Well Anella is still my bestest new charming Greenpoint....near Huron.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Forninos will be good...will it?

I will it. Because it may be a transplant from williamsburg but its roots are in the same locale (5ave and Garfield in the slope) when it was Cucina and we miss Tempo and the grilled pizzas are good and the nervous staff will calm down and maybe the music and noise will improve and the little vegi plates and fetched-tapas--apperteasers are nicely arrayed on a multi platformed pedestal centerpiece and and the grilled pizzas are good...oh I said that.

The Colors of Empowerment

I love Colors on Lafayette below Astor place formed by non profits and survivors of Windows on The World post 9/11. Many recipes reflect the cuisines of the original staff. Not clear on their latest schedule .. But they do sometimes have a blue grass band and sometimes flamengo guitar and a great bartender who makes something like pisco sours. My NYU Community Empowerment students celebrated
their semester's end there.