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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zu Zu Ramen

4av park slope . dumplings. shrimp ramen , fantastic mini pork buns ,saki. woody decor. near Union St. and Degraw on the R train. SUPERB.

On The Beach; lobster burgers, shark and bake,and lemon on bbq salmon and more shorties

Frank and kristen put chopped whole lemons over their salmon and bbqed the fish and then scraped the lemon stuff off. That was a good idea.........In Trinidad Anthea and ed took us to shark and bake at Richard's shack on the beach...the mango chutney and 15
other toppings and condiments on the special rolls were so good my vegi-spouse liked it without the 222 Lafayette St
nr Spring in Soho Ed's Lobster Bar has a long friendly marble counter and lobster burgers(cakes) and oysters and steamers and shrimp and a great selection of wines and whole lobsters and bisque . Dad's store was 222 wilson ave uncle's bar in Baltimore was the Three Deuces(222 n baltimore st). so this is the new triple 2 in my life.... Recently celebrated a dear friend's mother's life. After the funeral we all drove to the ocean to Asbury Park at Tom Mcloone's Supper Club not far from The Stone Pony (The Boss)and locations from Mickey O'Rourke's "Wrestler." Go there and dance to old tunes and walk on the boardwalk.