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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Omelet Inn in Long Beach had the best breakfast...

318 pine ave long beach, Ca.

except for the one my daughter and son in law made. This was a homey place with dozens of egg beater and veg chorizo and jack cheese dish with great home fries and the chopped salad were great but the pancakes and waffles also looked good.

Beachwood BBQ moves to Long Beach and we conregate at Congregation Ale House

Pulled pork on pretzel and above Beechwood's unique beer temperature control and
way above Dexter movie set

Pulled chicken and blue cheese grits and potato salad

DR. Patrick waves
Congregation Ale House on Urbanspoon

Fried green tomato..sandwich or salad

Dr's wife and Jeanne and Dr's mother Odette
Congregation collection

And I risk violating the archaic byzantine cruising law of Long Beach because I want to keep circling back to these places...and I almost included the Miami Beer Fest tili found out it was just a set for HBO's Dexter. The fried green tomatos at Beachwood were only matched by their pulled chicken and pork sandwiches on Pretzel rolls and the blue cheese grits. Theyserved Jeanne  Saint Femillen blanche ale at Conregation and she loved this Belgian brew.

Kristy's...high above Malibu beach in CA

Celebrating Patrick's doctorate began with the dolphins flipping on the waves and then just above

the Pacific Coast highway we sat outdoors for mushroom garlic pizza and a margarita and antipasto and roasted tomato bisque and a French beer and a Mediterranean salad...and enjoyed just that laid back feeling happy to be with west coast fam...and at a gem.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Defontes on 21st scene of thank you to Jasper

Harry B and the high sign

Evan and sandwich

Evan and Harry

Nadine and Evan

When Evan joined us as a Manhattan college summer intern he was given a great assignment doing some research for Graham-Windham but I knew guest blogger Nadine would ensure some good eating
...the last lunch included:
#20 Roast beef, fresh mozz, fried eggplant, natural jus
#24 "The Dino" homemade meatball parmesan
#31 "Sinatra Special" steak pizzaiola, fresh mozz
Thank you Evan and Nadine and Harry and Frank and Jess!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Double Windsor on Prospect Park West and spot to wait for Captain America on a hot day

 Captain America in 3D was playing at the Prospect and it was a hot Saturday afternoon. Tickets unavailable on line so i went early. And to spend an hour I jumped into a place named for Windsor terrace and , I guess,the kind of knot my Dad made. I sat at the bar but also stopped at the food window to order tomato,basil cold soup. What I really wanted were the burgers and fries and mussels I saw around me. High raucous noise but the multi-taps and the blackboard menu and the vibrant crown and the likable wait staff made this perfect. ...don't want to step on movie blogger toes but if your inner adolescent can be summoned get your shield and go to Captain America in 3D.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vintage Cafe found us in Johnstown ...think Suffrage,vintage and a perfect lunch

Counter in Johnstown's cafe
The old fashioned counter and stools were a backdrop for the best fresh rasberry and also the best apple salads.

Sperry's since '32 in Saratoga but just lifted by The Hattie's team

I once met Hattie and later ate her fried chicken. I was about to return when I learned she had sadly left this earth. Her team, including a delightful Crystal, brought their special touch to the venerable Sperry's @30.5

Carrots like none you've had

 Caroline Street and in their garden earshot from some soothing live music we ate well. Dover sole was served at my brothers wedding in Montreal ("Fish at a wedding?" my mother  questioned with dripping disgust. "No," my brother shouted," Its DOVER SOLE!" and this reminded me of how right he was. And then there was the panzanella salad and the popover with gruyere  the carmelized carrot balls and the pasta to make a series of other points about how right we were to bet on what must be the odds on favorite at Saratoga.

PS drinks at Maestro's was also a pleasure.


Macaroni and cheese Soup

The seating creates the impression of tufted tea cups swirling in a Coney Island spinning ride. The curried chicken on wheat and the pomegranate iced tea (a little weak) were excellent as was the soup. Lovely stop on the road from Saratoga to Albany.