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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

IL COLLOSEO !8 av and 77st Bensonhurst bklyn

Dress up Christening Party on the back room

An urban hike began on Sunday afternoon in the slope on 5st and 5 av and headed through Hasidic Boro Park where grandma had her paint store and Moms diary suggested she went to movies 3 or 4 nights a week...then through a Bklyn Chinatown with signs for pulled noodles and dumplings....but miles later we were ushered in to Il Colloseo. I had wanted to go when we visited the Xmas lights in Dyker Hts but this was the first chance. As in my childhood at Salernos or Mama Leones this was special. A montage of family tables each a kind of diorama filled with vibrant conversation,and raw Brooklyn laughter or animated controversy punctuated by musical back of the hand jabs. The salads and broccoli rabe and the huge shrimps that i only touched with my eyes were key players but the setting was star...and the luscious buffalo margarita. And there was Vincent eating his pizza with a knife and fork asking the waiter why they were picking on the Mayor. The waiter agreed.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

TACO SANTO on UNION ans 9st opened last night

So tim ,maureen, and jeanne

Lobster taco
and i got the scoop and the scoop is good...good lobster and pollo mole and lobster and guac and fried avocado tacos...they loved the Paolo Santo tacos so this erupted. Nice staff and chefs and managers. warm feel...small and intimate with high end margaritas to match the other highs.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lincoln for a special occasion...142 west 65st

Lincoln  with broad window views of Lincoln Center's arts complex. This was the wedding anniversary choice. Especially because we were going to see Renee Fleming in Czech opera
Rusalka...yes same songstress as Superbowl Star Spangled singer. Jeanne's sparkling wine from the Prosecco bar mixed with cassis and elderberry let me know I chose well.  Tangerine sorbet was a good way.The table side manners of the staff the smoked pepper pasta and the cod in a prosciutto consume with clams added to my confidence.
I was awake for much of the opera and was touched by the tenor Piotr Beczala but a little bit hurt by the bias against humans exhibited by the gnomes. Special occasion=Lincoln.

Lincoln Ristorante on Urbanspoon

Smoky pepper pasta

Cod and taters and clams(baccala)

radicchio and endive and grapefruit salad split

Aview into the glass enclosed kitchen