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Thursday, July 29, 2010

broken english...oh my g-d

This is it...disclosure i know these matter,if I didnt like it, I would have stayed quiet .. well ericeats is not going to make it popular anyway. Just opened and everyone is already there filling this comfortable to the world with outdoor filled tables...and there Is a RAW bar..and the finest Roman dishes and the menu has everything including simplicity. Oh I love this place. And staff is natural and likable and informed. Have the artichoke and any pasta and the meat balls and more and
wines are so well chosen(Faranghina $34ish). oh and meet Roy and Antonio..they will not only make you glad you went..they make you glad you are. 68 Bergen st near smith in brooklyn where a tree still grows and one great restaurant begins to blossom. Go now so u can say u went when it was possible to get in.Remember Yogi Berra's analysis: "Nobody goes there any is too busy." Don't be that nobody. Be an early supporter ...that always helps.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Campo de Fiori

The pizza is menza wood or coal too little cheese liquor license yet..pleasant people...genuine imported products including coffee...maybe with time. 5av and union in Park Slope.