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Sunday, June 24, 2012

BROOKLYN CRAB @ 24 reed st,Red Hook :worth the wait?

Red Hook has art and music events on the piers and Sunny's bar Sat night blue grass jams that until recently were barely noticed...There is Good Fork and Irish music at Rocky Sullivan's and lobster at Lobster Pound (also on roof of Rocky,s sometimes or trucks here/there).....but if you were waiting for crabs, your wait is over ...or has it just begun?

Well when is a wait a wait?  When at 5 they say table at 7? Not when they agree to call you cell and you have a crisp clear day to have a lemonade at the rear of Fairway and you can read the Times or your kindle at a waterfront park or sit in the downstairs and have a beer (or soon play mini golf or ping pong) and some oysters....not when they call you earlier than promised and whisk you to a waiting Rebecca from Cobble Hill recently returned from college in Tampa...not when you have a glass of wine immediately  and  later a great sunset behind the Statue of Liberty and snow peas baked with parm and a grand view. Then there are the steamed pots with crab,corn,potatoes and corn and lobster
or for the vegi gardener artichokes...the vegi pot could have been more flavorful, but generally all good. Hot sauces everywhere in peg holes or rails...however most of these work better with meat than shell fish, which could benefit from plain Tabasco which they must have...and the cocktail sauce was a little thick for my taste, But generally tuta bene...even deserts looked good.  And it is not a wait when at 9 you shop in Fairway and @9:45 fireworks crack from Ellis Island. If you are not too tired you go to Sunny's for the jam but that doesn't get goin til 11ish and that ,that, that was too long a wait ...this time.

Pea Shoots and tomatoes and garlic and parm

Watching the dog watching us downstairs

And when two cabs stopped in what was once a yellow cab wasteland and a young woman asked if Sunny's was near, we knew this remote refuge was no longer a secret and the waiting crab eaters were filling the streets with shoppers and browsers and Manhattan refugees and economically speaking that's not a bad thing. There have been some naysayers on the internets and they complain about cost and waits. For sure this is pricey: $116 for two..but we could have ordered clam rolls and a beer. and OK it is a splurge. BUT THE WAIT WAS NOT A WASTE.

Brooklyn Crab on Urbanspoon

artichokes needed more steam

Saturday, June 23, 2012


THE RED HEAT left behind a need for respite and a hunger for comforting food and the sight of waters running cool. And yet there was a thirst for discovery too.  117 Columbia street in Red Hook/Carroll

Shrimps and ravioli


Gardens has some hot spots for sure including Pok Pok which we haven't tried,but the Shrimp in hot sauce on the menu here was what drew me in. And there were available seats including in the garden(too wet a night). The Shrimps turned out to be likable but not the Vincents' or Umbertos' way. The true delight was in how likable the waiter from Detroit was and the warm decor and the friendly vibe and the wonderful broccoli rabe and ravioli and Caesar salad and and and tortoni(childhood friend in a paper cup with coconut crumb top).
Broccoli and Caesar

Friday, June 15, 2012

Williamsburgh walkabout ll...M Noodle ;the Dictator; and Gwynnett

Franklin, an unusual Bklyn pet,  leads his friend
When we arrived at Metropolitan Ave  an unusual Brooklyn pet appeared. This visionquest was off and running but the first thing ordered at M Noodle had NO PORK but killer sessame pancake sandwiches. The Nitehawk cinema did serve drinks and food at your seat for the 730 showing of the very disgusting,funny and insightful Dictator. And Gwynnett  St (312 Graham av) turned out to be an opportunity to appreciate how a great wait person could make even a table by the kitchen door a pleasant spot. And here the pea shoot salad and tofu and scallop dishes all tasted like fresh experiences.
dumplings and stuffed sessame pancakes


Gwynnett St. on Urbanspoon

smoked grapes and tofu @Gwynnett

scaffolded m noodle

Tofu at G STREET
nitehawk cinema

M Noodle Shop on Urbanspoon