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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Minetta Tavern ...guest review Nadine (with the appetite)


I finally went on saturday and it exceeded all of my expectations!
attached are pics of the black label burger and the cote de boeuf (dry aged rib eye w/ bone marrow).
the black label burger is made from dry aged rib eye, short ribs, skirt steak, and brisket. they cook it on a flat top and pour clarified butter all over it so there's a really nice crust on the outside. i had it cooked medium rare with no cheese, no condiments, nothing. just the burger and the bun. i was SPEECHLESS! best burger ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the cote de boeuf was cooked medium rare and was sinfully fatty. they say it's for 2 people, but it can feed a family of 4 - 6! the bone marrow was scrumptious (although i still stand by blue ribbon as my fave bone marrow of all time).i had the burger as an appetizer and then a healthy serving of the rib eye and one bone marrow bone. i could have died happy right after that meal!

.Minetta Tavern on Urbanspoon

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Jacks of a different color...purple. Albany mainstay stays worthy.

Did not stain the dining or commaraderie and the chance for laura bill and i to spend good time with a guest from Colorado via Wash DC

Jacks Oyster House salmon
Every city has one. In Baltimore it was The Chesapeake House or Oyster Bay or Haussners with paintings covering walls and ceilings platters of turkey and roast beef and ham and dumplings and cabbage. In NYC there was Luchows...steins of beer and stucco and venison and spaetzel etc. Venerable ..then gone. So do what we did in Albany and eat at Jacks or whatever your Jacks is. The Jack Horse reviewed below in newish but doesnt look newish. The Jacks in Albany has charm and grace and fine Salmon and oysters and caesar salad and shrimp cocktails served on icy glass bricks. And the wine that one Bill selected was enjoyed by another bill who doesnt have to pay for the cleaning bill after a waiter possibly named Bill spilled some of that Burgundy ...because the wait staff swooped in with seltzer and a cleaners business card to make it right...the way you would in a classy mainstay.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jack the Horse Tavern is OK

This place on Hicks and Cranberry in  Brooklyn Heights  reminds me of

roasted cauliflower and smashed potatoes

tiger shrimp with cashews

Chick chick pea salad
Stone Park in the Slope...without the friends and charm...though it is a romantically pretty place. The tigre shrimp were tasteful and the decor was as Mom would say "smart". There was food for the vegi-wife but  there was also the answer about the chef preparing mystery plate that she is not fond of. The chick pea salad and the cauliflower in various forms were all good and the gruner for $31 was excellent and recommended over a more expensive sauvignon.Jack the Horse Tavern on Urbanspoon

Jack the Horse Tavern in Brooklyn Heights, New York

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

eat at Petes...his repeat sweet

Pete closed his last wine and trattoria...and reopened as Petes pizza...salads and pizza...good pizza....very good pizza...on 3rd st and 5av. Decent jug wine and sangrrrrrrrrria and beet salad.
Simple and welcome.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Park slope indoor farmers market

This market on 3st between 4av and 3av will return to 5av and 3st in Bklyn end of March on sundays.

Columbia Restaurant 5av bet 5 and 6st Park Slope Muy Rico

BRAND NEW. Arepas and shrimp with platanos and rice,...bistec and arroz con pollo...good coffee and byob...but all that doesn't say how pretty a place and how kind and skilled the owners and owner /chefs and wait staff/family.

My grandaughter Sophie loved it and didnt mind the rain because she had her duck umbrella.

I am betting that my neighbors will love this sweet little gem.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Asian Organic Market on President and 4 av

 Important new enterprise.

Carol eating yogurt and contemplating veg-aquasitions

Its good to be Half King

On 23rd st near West st and Chelsea Piers. Buzz and beer and jalopeno poppers and onion rings( greasy) and great upbeat staff. Perfect for midnight snack.