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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Locanda Mariella on 6av and 12st Slope

This was and is a neighborhood living room with a wood fired oven and pleasant everything. And now the Montenegro  born chef brings stylish engaging food to your buds and those buddies you bring.
Like the squid pasta with mussels and shrimp and a lightly spiced tomato sauce that imbues the fresh mussels with a tingling ting(see West Indian dictionary). Jeanne too slurped up(with grace and finesse) our cabbage salad and her macaroni.

Charming lilt to her words

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jean Bonnet Tavern,the Great Race,Nola's ,and Andrew and Abigail Sheehan

And the Duck....because says Japan and Pittsburgh agrees, we are all in the

Tub together . 
    Of course, The best meal was at the Sheehan shady retreat(except maybe for the Confluence of fly fishing s'mores and stars near get what I'm sayin'?).
       The drive was lush, the car newish and the scenery fallish and Amish.
     I wore Orvis to watch the flies and new sneakers to watch the race....probably why Andrew regifted me the Emmy.

         A lunch at Nolas downtown Pitt was a satisfying Cajun treat and on the way home a stop in Bedford broke up the ride a gave us a chance to think about how  G Washington's failure in the French and Indian war led to lessons learned that helped him escape Park Slope during the Battle of Brooklyn and to the French dip sandwich at Jean Bonnet Tavern. Not sure where the crab cake broiled to perfection came from.
     So thank your Pirates for adding to the winning atmosphere...thanks Emmit and Eamon for the delight of watching you grow in to smart and likable fine adults..and Abby thanks for your grace and smores..and Warhol for the large Coke that even a NYC Mayor could like..and Andy for searching and finding ways to bring your beloved town into our hearts and for the Emmy. Thanks to Andrew for running..cheering,,,and to the bklyn Sheehans for marathon driving and running  and for the Spains for knowledge and entertainment.
     The cushiony hike in the woods on mossy paths that may have once held sarah palinesq snowmobiles or frank loyd wright thinking and wandering lonely as a Clod(not misspelled...look it up). Next year I am going to ride the incline if i meet the height requirement...but what should i wear? Maybe a miner hat with a beam on top. Oh and back for those stars too...I think I saw them once before when i was a scout in Kansas for the Jamboree and Eisenhower and James Arness came to visit.

Tomato Basil Soup with melted cheese circa 1762

Corn chowder by Jean Bonnet

Broiled crab cake

Jean Bonnet French dip

Fishing for text messages at Confluence
Road and Track get confluent

Nolas Fried Green tomatoes

Fries at Nola

Great Race finish from Windham

Local brew

Bentley ,a full service dog

Nola gumbo

And I want to thank the Academy for letting me hold this and Andrew shamon for his minor assistance
(Frank as always over my shoulder to be sure i dont over do it)

I call this:frontier women at the riverfront hope the Cannistotas can cross

Rainbow and geyser and duck

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A mild mannered reporter by day for a great metropolitan tv station

The head behind the perfectly placed camera is Tim's

Jeanne trails on the lush trail

Abigail,down by the old mill stream
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Rainbow fountain

Ham bits and flat bread at Nola

Nolas at the Market

The Dip

Apparently Pittsburgh poodles are pink

I know its a dupe but I like it

A river and a train run through it..

NOLA on the square on Urbanspoon

Sunday, September 22, 2013

HAAB some Mexican food in the Slope.

Unlikely name and location for some likeable Mexican vittles. 396 6 av near 7st. Chicken Mole and shrimp tacos with chipoltle mayo ...both on crisp or soft tortillas and both cooked with affection and presented with taste. The Tamales del Dia with red or spicier green sauce were served to look like peacocks and were among the best I have had.  The vegi burrito was the size of a hot air baloon and the piece we took home was a welcome luch the day after.This corner next to my friend Anthea's prior home was a day care center and later a bar, but
now this home has found its reason to be. Wine and beer available


Thursday, August 8, 2013

JAMES REPUBLIC...long beach longshot....that paid off. 500 East First Street.

Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point, California

Watermelon, feta and..

Some family came up from San Diego and others south from Long Beach. We met at Dana point and after Jacques told me to fly a kite and then he got loft and Odette calmed Alex and grass sitting and beach gazing were over we began thinking about a restaurant. We had passed this place and it looked rustic and warm...and it was ..with our own living room/dining room and a concert for the kids to dance to and outdoor fires and a joyous wedding in the lower court yard. Family and watermelon salad, fresh tuna sandwiches, hot garlic cheese rolls and more. I couldnt have dreamed a better evening. Helped alot by patient professional staff.  corner of pacific coast highway and crown valley parkway.
Pat and Claire

Odette and Alex