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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gravesend ,My food destiny ...i mean destination.

So it began with a bus and a train to Ave X in far-out bklyn ,once swamp and mosquitos...not far from Coney Island and Brighton beach...Russians and Turks and Latinos and Asians now share this land, and yet I was in search of an Italian eatery, Anthony's,there since 1947 and recommended by Yessenia. The chicken parm delux with peppers hidden under the cheesy blanket was worth the trip. And the hand painted mural. And the neighborhood vibe in the restaurant and on the street {see photo of hand ball court memorial)..but this is where the journey just begins as i wandered to Nostrand and Emmons where the ships leave port for fishing and where i rediscovered Randazzo's Clam Bar and Roll N Roaster (where I snagged a Roast Beef and some corn fritters to go) and then onto what was once my favorite lobster shore dinner emporium, Lundys,,,now converted into a gourmet grocery(Cherry Hill Cafe) with Baltic delights and a Turkish cafe and,as the pictures suggest the devil's
snack market. But the old stucco exterior and Spanish tiled roof survive...and i have miles to go before the true Gravesend, G-d willing.

Caffe e Vino is aglow near Bam

112 Dekalb nr st felix street. I took this picture going in but as for the food i was scarfing ,not shooting.I inhaled the bread soup
with only the aid of a fork and the Vermentino to wash it down and the Faranghina helped me slurp the crab ravioli. The calamari fritti could have enjoyed a warmer oil bath. Good reports on the insalata di finocchio. Good friends took me in and placed me in this glowing Caffe...led by Johnny. Thanks Tim and Maureen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Comida is like Night and Day

compared to the bbq last at President and 5th av. This fusion Latin restaurant is tasty and professional already. The tamales and tacos with smoked shrimp and black bean soup are worth the visit....Unlike the two joints last at this corner,Comida is likeable and soon to be packed. go go go.

Nuela for For Latin Fusion and Fun

We over-ordered and ate it all. Duck platter and chicken and steak and oysters cerviche and Chilean white and a Spanish Videjo.This gang collected at 43 w 24st st. And Jeremy ordered. And the place glowed and the music waved over us. Joyous.Nuela on Urbanspoon

Monday, November 15, 2010

Special dream episode : Caesar's Forum

Hitchcok placed himself in all his movies(girdle ad in newspaper in Life Boat which was entirely set on a small craft) you will have to wait for the restaurant connection for this entry but it is there.I had a dream last night. In it I was waiting for a focus group to be held at NBC in a tug boat like amphitheatre [please analysts put it aside for the sake of restaurant nostalgia} and i
found myself in a seating circle with several writers and Imogene Coca,co star of Sid Caesars TV ,Show of Shows. We chatted about skits they conceived and they invited me to lunch. They entered the elevator before I could tell them that i was such a fan that when other kids wrote about Julius Caesar my son had written his bio essay in 6th grade about Sid. Where would we have gone to lunch, I wondered after I awoke? Forum of the Xll Caesars, I realized--i had once seen Bob Newhart there.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

HOME MADE in red hook bklyn

Muscles and tomato soup and sancere and brussel sprouts shaved and dressed and pear Gorgonzola panini ..too few tables but cozy. Followed by a blue grass jam at Sunnys. From a cozy kitchen with good eats to a den a few blocks away with songs that erupt and surprise.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Salute to General Greene 229 dekalb ave ft geene bklyn

The fried chicken and collards and tatoe salad and the lemon lentil soup and thecobbler and muscadet and the wait staff...all like a vermont trip with bklyn attitude..fresh, local,fun.


Swore I would swear away from this Indian chain...but this was good...5th av park slope.

VAPIANO an NYU haunt in the making

113 University Place nr !3st with tap smart cards to use at pizza and wine and salad and pasta and expresso stations...seating that is more Horn and Hardart than Babbo like but tasty pie and a bright group post movie vibe. Mall upgrade food with a gold card...order and kind of a mickey rooney judy garland 21st century malt shop vibe.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

chock full of nuts reborn 23rd and 5th ave

The chicken croquettes are chock full of chicken and the coffee was heavenly and the datenut bread with cream cheese fueled the time travel. Casual nostalgia.Chock Full O'Nuts on Urbanspoon