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Monday, October 10, 2016

Grist Mill 289 5th Avenue Park Slope

This is a new restaurant which made many first impressions and one very strong lasting impression. First it seemed expensive. Then it felt attractive and soon it tasted special.The oven was warming beyond the heat (same as Robertas). The tatemado was made with salsa verde cilantro and jalapeno. It was moist and decorated with a husk and sinfully good salsa. Beets and beet greens went together like a horse and carriage and the esquite pizza had a perfect crust,corn, ricotta, and toasted sesame seeds and mozzarella (ask for some pepper oil to moisten it). The mushroom pizza looked good  and i liked the cheese pizza. The menu lists all the local farms and
the chef comes through as a priest for good eating. Final impression...the extra cost is answered by a gem quality relaxed fine meal.


mushroom pizza

beet salad

Charred carrots to remember

Sunday, August 14, 2016

DeSelby's no. 9 Cambden Street Lower Dublin 2 Ireland


Wellington with traffic cone
A small brief menu with something for everyone.  Dublin is a big place and this gem offers respite from its overwhelming history of strife and beauty. In a town of fine words (sung, read, and spoken),
DeSelby's offers fine tastes tastefully served.

Wee Curry ; several Glascow locations.

Arnie Grad has many good ideas...this was another. Our last dining in Scotland featured fresh poppadoms and  said Jeanne "the best veggie curry" and great shrimp said I with paratha.
Paratha and rice
The best veggie curry

LAKESIDE MANOR HOTEL; Virginia; Co. Cavan Ireland

Pre staging for John and Virginia family wedding bash on a beauteous lake. Dinner included an oven baked stone with a companion steak and other fresh items but the clan emerging for after dinner drinks was a highlight .
Lakeside Stile

The Clan

Hot stone and steak


LA BELLA VISTA on High Street in Westport Co Mayo Ireland

Is a small intimate place perfect for the early bird so we could get to Westport house for a Doris Keane return to the stage after some struggles with health issues. This Italian spot could have been in New York or even Italia. Lovely pasta and fish .
Doris Keane sings

La Bella Vista

Saturday, August 13, 2016

ROADFORD Restaurant Doolin Village County Claire

First night in Ireland following lead from friend at Stone Park in BK....John Virginia Jeanne and I went to see Frank and Marian's place in Doolin.  Welcome to Ireland where the scenery and Beer and kindness and music reveal themselves within minutes of Shannon...but this is the vestibule to Irish comfort and good food. This is the cottage in a farm like setting miles from the cliffs of MOHER. ...Where a lovely lassie (daughter?) presents sweet cuisine. Outside cows roam. Inside we know we four are about to have a fine trip. If only the driving wheel were on the left side and the roads were a wee wider.
          The tomato soup went well with the ubiquitous brown bread. The minipizzabites were a welcome starter. And John's Lamb   was bah bah delicious and tender. My fish sampler offered a local shrimp salmon and bass and scallop  array. The lemon sorbet desert was followed by a bill so simply presented and modest that the urban weights of NYC commerce rose gently off my shoulders. An instant brogue embraced my tongue  ...never before had i wished more that I could sing. Luckily John could and soon did along with the music makers at the pub down the street.
crepe tower with veggies

jeanne john virginia

PUB Music


we 2

Crepe closeup
varied sea dwelllers
Her soup

Saturday, July 23, 2016


North 10 St in Williamsburg last week a few blocks from an old fashion church feast that almost took my appetite away is this new arrival headed by a Michelin star chef. Seats outside (for slightly cooler weather...comfortable except for the too hot cafe. My brother and I happened to catch a CBS piece and jumped on the mission to go immediately. Glad we did. They were extremely ready for a new place and the offerings were not disappointing ..especially the rigatoni diavola which had just enough devil to satisfy spicy taste buds. Everyone liked the artichoke and its meaty center. And a small grilled lobster tale would have been a sufficient portion if it weren't so damn good. The olive oil cake and shaved lemon ice were two great desert selections. Wine is too pricey but that wouldn't stop me from going again soon.

Lilia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

little gem salad


wait for the picture next time...i know the olive oil cake is good

Saturday, July 2, 2016

BEASTS AND BOTTLES on Atlantic Ave in BK

This is my new crush. Roasted Chickens and Ducks and Cauliflower (Not since New Orleans).  A glowing roasting fire that adds no uncomfortable heat on a summer eve. Friendly service and roasted carrots in a nicely spiced sauce ...not too sweet.  Open spaces and many taps and wines. Just
a minute from BKLYN BRIDGE PARK.

beasts and bottles Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hoisin Chicken foreground and Caulifllower

juicy chicken
From the Eye of Jeanne

Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park