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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moim Park Slope stylish Korean

I would leave the Slope if I had to in order to find excellent kimchi/pork pan fried dumplings and Bim Bop rice bowl. Moim is the reason why that is not necessary. Attractive setting,good service, and nice wine list as well. 206 Garfield near 7av.Moim on Urbanspoon

Hecho in Dumbo...Mexican food to satisfy the sceptics

Go. Corn stew...corn soup...111 front steet..under the bklyn side of the bklyn bridge...sign says cafe THE DUMBO General Store...margaritas..nice list of wines by the glass...assorted benches and tables and chairs...and sopes de pollo...and salad rosaura(citrus and avocado) and mollete (think mexican bruchetta)..Go. Its not the bklyn bridge I am selling-it is this Mexican restaurant and other stuff under the bridge(jacques torres for chocolate...bubbies for the pie...the views..the Low Bar
at Rice...or Superfine for music... Go! See also: plate of the

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ironbound? Newark for a burger...liz in guest entry entices

i have recently moved to the ironbound .i had started to scope
out our newark n.j. neighborhood. when we lived in the far frontier of new
brunswick, we didn't get many visitors. while i believe this has to do
with the fact that those who love and care for us actually fear
visiting beyond the north jersey line unless they're boarding a plane
( i swear s and v have been visited more in edwardsville, il.
than we were in new brunswick, NJ. come to think of it b and j
may have been visited more in washington in the year they've been there.
but i digress), i also realize we didn't "sell" our location. As a
result, so i must tempt you with the charm
of down neck (so called because of the way the Passaic River curved to
form what looked like a neck), aka the ironbound (result of the many
forges and foundries that were found in this area during the latter
half of the 19th century; however, the name could also have come from
the rail tracks that surrounded the area when the railroads were
constructed during the 1830s.)

so today i decided to check out krug's tavern. and i had one of the
best burgers i have ever had. first off, for those bartenders among
us. you think you have it bad, you don' t even know. these bartenders
are also the cooks. and there not just slinging burgers and fries back
there. the menu included shrimp scampi, chicken parm, and a host of
sandwiches (with fresh roast beef on tues and thurs and fresh ham on

i got the bacon cheddar burger. wow. it's a 3/4 lb burger, which is
huge. as you wait for your burger to cook they hand you a half a
pickle (one of those kosher deli treats) and two hot cherry peppers to
nosh on, but be sure to save some to put on your burger. high quality
meat. did i mention it was one of the biggest burgers i've ever had?
they also have a nice selection of beers on tap and some of the
coldest bottled Bud I've ever had. that last part was directed to
someone in particular. i expect you to be among the first to clamor
out here.

filled with a few old-timers who switch between what a disaster
rasner's pitching (no surprise that the pitcher jeter has gotten the
most hits off of is bosox tim wakefield - yankees play sox more than
any other team and jeter and wakefield both started with their teams
in '95; and still he's only 30 hits off the knuckleballer) and
politics (ferocious but balanced debates about who should be our next
president. biggest issues - health care and taxes for those who are
interested) and how to cook fresh italian sausage from arthur avenue
in the bronx (too many ways to count).

and for those of you who are not swayed by having a burger at krugs
(or the shrimp which looked, and from what i've heard is, delicious)
than maybe you could be tempted by the boutique across the street -
please, innocents among us read no further or shield your ears if
someone is reading this to you - a boutique for erotic dance and foot
wear (its tagline, not mine)...sassy assy. i kid you not, that is the
ps - did you notice i didn't start with the portuguese food - it's
because there's so much more than that...By LIZ from Newark

Friday, August 22, 2008

why Perch?

If you have a 2-6 year old and a weekday morning to program ,try the garden at Perch on 5st and 5ave in Park Slope. Granola,waffles,latte for you and a singalong for the kiddies. Or try the shrimp curry or veggie ruben and a glass of wine with some folk guitar on a Week-end eve...or poetry or pie. Perch is clean and basic and one of a kind.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buffalo in Brooklyn

Esquire Magazine called the beef on Weck at Schwabl's in West Seneca New York one of the " best sandwiches in America".
In case you are not headed that way, try Bonnie's on 5th ave and Garfield in Park Slope,Brookyn. The salted weck rolls come from radish sauce and beef recreate the concept well. This place has its own is "regionally spiced cuisine"...many Buffalo clues..nice counter and a few tables....but the short order cooks are surrounded by Gardol and
only seem to be in the present when they look up at the tube to get a score.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Query...cold brewing?

Anyone out there with experience on this latest effort to improve on Joe D's Mr Coffee and it progeny and successors?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jug Addicts

Friday April 30 2011 ten pm the jug addicts at Barbes in Park Slope..6av and me. R train to 4av and 9st

Red Hook and more

Sunnys has a blue grass jam on saturdauys after 10 ..around the corner from Fairway..the Ikea ferry will get you there, and it is a gem; Good Fork on Van Brunt offers a veltliner and scallops...and dumplings..service is slow ,but the garden is a treat...Rocky Sullivans has an Irish music group at 10..Hope and Anchor has Kay Serah leading the best karaoke in NYC...Baked is the bakery if you come early ,and Tini has great light eats with fine wines in a laid back environment(next to Nells, a world class liquor store.....but if Fort Green is your destination try Locanda Vin and Oli (Gates and Cambridge)..for a turn of the century drug store turned Italian food fest. Ask for Francoise . Olives , Branzini steamed in parchment, fresh by the measure...oh just go. see

i'm flippin'

The corner of 9th st and 7th ave in the Slope has been a loser for several restaurants, most recently the burger- something, it is now Flipster's and the first experience suggests that Flipster's is a comer. My friend Lucy had a burger and rated it 8 to 9. I had a veggie burger so I could determine whether the spouse was going to like it so I could come back and have a turkey burger. She's going to love it, but the real story concerns children. Sliders, shakes and mozzarella sticks presented on a tray with each stick in a shot glass half full of marinara sauce. WHAT FUN! F train goes right to the corner.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Night and Day

Had good music on Mondays(Mary Claire and Deborah) and decent food and then converted to ok BBQ and now as Lookout Hill Smoke House as it has whiskeys and bourbons and the food stinks (5th ave and President in Park Slope) Change for the worst at Belleville( on 5 and 5) also. It was good when Joe and Jerome cooked and Pascal
was the more...find Pascal at Trinity or Elephant in Manhattan. Joe opened Toast on 7av and 12st but then became a special ed teacher and rented his place to Beer Table, a cozy successor.. his wine joint, Toast ,was charming,but microbrews are in, and he turned it over to some good folks.

Bill was right

Piizzatown does have good pizza despite its name...5th ave and Park Place...Park Slope....aand then walk to 3rd street and read one of the official long over due Revolutionary War commemorative signs about the Battle of Brooklyn...and visit the Old Stone House in the JJ Byrne Park.

something old and something new

When my French Canadian son-in-law came into town not long ago we brought him to the perfect late night snack...poutine, a Quebecoise blend of fries cheese curds and is a spiritual thing. The place was Sheep Station on 4av and Douglass in Bklyn(R train to union). And if poutine doesn't get you up and running ,go for the excellent Canadian/Australian pub grub and variete' de bier. Ask for the charming and very real Martine{once at Spartina when Cindi Smith and Steve Kalt made that place my favorite(now Harrison).
The "old" refers to two lost BBQ joints ...Smokies on 9th ave and 27th( sink near the tables to wash off the sauce)
and Pearsons in Long Island city Queens...a brit who taught himself ribs...briefly revived at the former Butterfields in Manhattan and then back of a bar in Jackson Heights, Queens...speaking of which did I boast that i was the author of Queens Cuisine(before many believed there was such a thing)? Back to the present and speaking of Jackson Heights...try Delhi
Palace for marsala dosa.. a long long long crepe stuffed with potatoes and onions and served with a gravy and forgetahboutit...which in Bklyn means don't.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

food nostalgia

Soft pretzels on Wilson ,Myrtle, and Himrod...older men with baskets of star street pretzels...towels in the baskets and hand rolled pretzels hot at 11 am...Knickerbocker ave Woolworth's with hot open turkey sandwiches........Kaplans deli on myrtle...Gebharts on myrtle for German food...Voisin in Manhattan..Forum of The 12 Caesars with a Bob Newhart sighting...Jillys on 52st in manhattan with Nick Defedericco and Burgess from the yankees and and Harry Carey from St Louis Cardinals and Rocky Grazianno( "Somebody up There Likes Me") and Al, the bartender who bet me that Pinky Lee was dead when he wasn't...and Shluckers bakery on Dekalb and Sumner with crullers,jelly donuts and corn bread and onion rolls..and
Luchows on 14th st with steins of beer and the best sauerbratten and spaetzel...Mama Leones and the provolone..and La Fonda Del Sol when mexican food was rare in NYC. They served multi-colored sugar crystals with the coffee.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

red stripe

This was our best restaurant stop in Providence. Very child friendly and good wine selection and nicely presented whole snapper..

Rooftop Films picnic

The Old American Can Company roof was the venue for tonight's indie film,"I'll Come Running". south slope 3rd st and 4th ave top of converted 19th century factory...Rooftop also shows outdoors in Williamsburg and under the Bklyn Bridge and the Battery. This night was cool...the sky at sunset was filled with orange coated white billowy clouds... the warm up for the film was the live music ... a little less funky than the theramin player from Barbes last night(the duo was called Bell ..a Regina Spector sounding but more disonant thing with some moody screeching. But the real need was eats...I left my spouse on the roof and headed to the cafe next to Marias on Union and 4th...closed. we needed tamales and they were closed. The bagel place next store provided some tofu on a bially and tortelini salad and a total of 19.84 worth of snacks. The counterman noted that in 1984 he was in his prime.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rhode Island and Conneticut

We stayed at the Interlaken Hotel in NE Conneticut(lakeville) to swim in the lake (perfect). The hotel was ok . The building both corporate and chaotic. But Geof at the front desk sent us to Chives at 2 Ethan Allen Street and that was a break. The Heirloom
Tomato Tart with smoked warm mozzerella on pastry&potato puree was purr-ee.