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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tanuki with Frankie and the Frankophiles

Nadine looks with pity on my blog but her foodiedom is grand like the volcanic Tanuki Tavern at the Ganzvoort hotel on 9av and little west 12st. Harry is so blown away by Nadine's multitasking ,he can only cover his face and dream of quiet days walking through the butternut squash fields of Armenia. For Frank and i they are Craig Claiborne's Franey (a duet version). They bring joy to the food parades in which we march. They order and take snap shots and even recall the history of a great running team by fashioning a nostalgic tea shirt. And they tout the rib something and the grilled cod on a magic box and the chicken meatballs and the pork belly and the california roll and the lobster theradorable. A little berry cake brings Frank close to carress the the juicy arrival.

dbgb 299 bowery matzo balls and baked alaska

Our combos could give you the heebee jeebees at the former cbgbs which is now the dbgb. But we we nephews and neices and grand nephew and neice in search of the "best matzo ball soup" and with tickets to Fela there was no time to wait for the dinner menu and the soup and besides i had a dinner appointment at Tanuki, So we had the oysters and the burgers and the pate and the flaming baked alaska...and then miracle of miracles...and jacks world class Canadian body checking the Matzo balls began caroming off the kitchen boards. Carli seemed ok with it all but Harrison(aka Harry Potter) thrived on the hubbub and would only have been happier if a zamboni had cleared the table. This place is fun ready and good food stocked even if you are not part of la familia wild bunch. After all this was the punk palace.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mole.Squished in on a night of horizontal rain with warm results

Landmark Movie on Houston played "Broken Embraces" and mojitos and margaritas were required. Up the block to Allen and round the corner to Mole..strong Latin beat ,sugar cane stick and a five inch sprig of mint in a tall mojito. Guacamole bigger than the table ,poblano pepper and cheese tamal,grilled corn,pork eponymous,shrimp with peppers and onions. Mucho Gusto.. Grande comida and cinema...with karen and stuart who kindly watched me eat a crepe at Creperie ...for which none of us had room.. near Rivington where the rain dripped
from the extension cord and the Sabra chef called for help.We needed no help.
Restaurant Information

* Restaurant Name
* Overall
★★★☆ ☆
* Neighborhood / Cuisine
Lower East Side / Mexican
* Street Address
205 Allen St., New York, NY 10014
* Phone
(212) 777-3200

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lugo on a cold night with friends and a warm funny candle

Jim has headed the council of child welfare agencies for the State and likes meatballs. Jeremy
appreciates the value of an incongruous candle. Good food and wine and a waitress and her apprentice made this Italian restaurant a good waystation for wayward execs. The cannoli trio and
molten chocolate cake add fuel to the fire.
34st off 8th ave across from the ugly Penn Station and the ugly Madison Square Garden.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pretzels. I told you so.

I promised hand rolled pretzels without buttery gop would be big again. And i offered some examples later . But now Sigmund Pretzel Shop has arrived at 29 Ave B (east 3rd st) and libidinous pretzelphiles may find their inner peace. But its not just an ego thing ,and its not about me. It is about fresh baked German style doughy salty,poppied,cheesy, pretzels. Sometimes a pretzel is not just a pretzel

Provini....thorough the fog it came

Like Caspar ,the friendly ghost, this lovely ristorante,cafe,wine bar appeared at 1302 8th
ave in the slope(13st). The mussels and gnocchi and pear arugula salad and the spinach ricotta
crepes and the Koerner blanco vino appeared on a corner that had nothing we could remember 3 months ago. The chef from Florenza could be felt but not seen. Nothing scary about it. Just the right mood for a chilly night and a late night repast.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Fried more reason to live in Brooklyn

Aricka had a vision and now she is a star. Myrtle
Ave near Classon for the best Yams and stuffings and pecan turkey and cajun turkey and all that Jive. Tender and Not greasy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Star Truck and out of my Vulcan mind

Pawtucket Hope Artisan farmers market in Rhode Island has oysters,veggies,fresh ice cream and baked goods,music and crafts. But first you must get past THE TRUCkIES...lined up to get a tubular
turkey or duck or a tin of mac and cheeeeese. The pictures will explain.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sharz where marathoners go to rest

Like Caroline( and Lane with his Amarone) and Rose who was eating alone but got our ovation and wine. Caroline ran her 10Th but the Eiffel ran his/her first. Charlene served up fine chicken and Borscht and halibut(86st bet york and 1st). But it was the conviviality and the joy at Caroline's achievement that made all shine.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SpVino Osteria

At 289 Fifth ave park slope...a wine bar and garden and small plates and a great pedigree{Pete's in Dumbo) are open tonight for a "welcome to us" there were no bills or credit cards but there was value and promise. Welcome to you,spVino, and to you ,Chef John. May Bacchus bless you.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Miriam 79 5av park essen(go eat)

There are half price bottles of wine on several days but great Middle Eastern food is the reason to go any day. Carrot Ginger soup for to Fall and mixed shell fish and babbaganoush and fresh pita
and poached priceless pear!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

SW.SW. southwest? so wonderful! PIQUANT. flatbush&6av

Navajo fried bread and tres salsas(see chipoltle ,the salsa,not the chain). Chopped salad . Tuna and asparagus . And tortilla crema. This will get 2 stars at least from the NYT because of the informed and engaging staff, the decor and the SW cuisine where every morsel is an upgrade on the last example you tasted. Two photos of the polenta fries to hold you til you get to taste them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fonda is a winnah

On 7 av in Park Slope{14 and 15 st) with an outdoor garden,fine margaritas and authentic Mexican food. Service is smart and efficient and the plentiful mini tortillas keep coming. Pescado and pollo with mole and citrus and .........and that one and that one and some of those as we'd say in Mr Burgess' candy story(where he convinced me he had a white horse with wings). This restaurant does have wings.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ms Albany Diner best ,bester ,bestest

Best breakfast...get it now or buy the diner soon...893 broadway in albany ( has owned it with her husband for 20 years but it goes way back...jeanne had pecan pancakes...I had an egg white garden omelet with horseradish sauce(sorry i ordered the fresh baked soft prezels from the beer garden next store or ate so many peanuts...but glad we walked seven miles along the Hudson on the Corning Preserve trail). How did we manage to dine at the Rhinecliff Inn for sunset over the Hudson just a few hours later? Must have been the celtic sounds of the FRIENDS OF FATHER CHARLIE COEN.