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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tanuki with Frankie and the Frankophiles

Nadine looks with pity on my blog but her foodiedom is grand like the volcanic Tanuki Tavern at the Ganzvoort hotel on 9av and little west 12st. Harry is so blown away by Nadine's multitasking ,he can only cover his face and dream of quiet days walking through the butternut squash fields of Armenia. For Frank and i they are Craig Claiborne's Franey (a duet version). They bring joy to the food parades in which we march. They order and take snap shots and even recall the history of a great running team by fashioning a nostalgic tea shirt. And they tout the rib something and the grilled cod on a magic box and the chicken meatballs and the pork belly and the california roll and the lobster theradorable. A little berry cake brings Frank close to carress the the juicy arrival.

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