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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Die Koelner Bierhalle on 84 St Marks Between 4 and 5aves in Park Slope.

I  was thinking this  place would be cavernous and feature a large array of taps but when I stepped in the surprise was a painting class of beer drinking bird portrait artists. Monday nights I think...occupy beer halls? Beer birdbaths?  Groupon? Well the temperature could have been cooler but the pretzel and chicken wurst mit sauerkraut and the spaetzel mit gouda (mac and cheese for lager lovers).  I will be September.

Die Koelner Bierhalle on Urbanspoon

Friday, July 19, 2013

Giovanni's ...because I can't cook as well.

Giovananni's on 8av in Greenwood ,Bklyn is not far
from Greenwood Park beer and boccie . Near Prospect Ave and now close to my heart because on a really hot Sunday we were guided to their really cool basement. A mostly Asian family seemed to be celebrating something with one year old Sophie. Sweet. And that was it. We were the only others in the rumpus room. But we were soon joined by a watermelon and onion salad with homemade vinaigrette and a pasta with tomatoes olives and capaers ... scallops and asparagus with slick and tasty papperdelle.
Maybe next time Sat or Sunday brunch ..or their meatballs or Sunday gravy. Nice affordable selection of wines.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Houston Hall


Saturday, July 6, 2013


905 CHURCH sure ate them all...wheated ... they named them after bklyn nothin'. Listen I'm tellin yah :Vinegar Hill (you know before you get to the navy yard after Dumbo..doesn't matter).  What matters is fresh and aged mozzarella and! gorgonzola and white potato and thyme and grape must syrup....but the Bensonhurst too...oh pick a hood and you will not feel like moby pizza got away dis time. Mingia,
Vinegar Hill


The River Styx...on the life side of the great divide near the East River (estuary really)

Before the illuminations appeared across the skyline tops and in the gaps.. in a radio tower park we stopped at Torst(615 Manhattan Ave) for beer and 6 week old River Styx(21 Greenpoint Ave). This made for a happy 4th. The beer tap system was imported with the guidance of Gabriel Gordon of Long and Seal Beach in CA. The fried zuchini from Styx was imported from heaven (not the Hades side of that mythical river). As for beer the monkey and weasel were a likeable vinegarie offering but the Helles was a smoky fortelling of the Styx.

Oh Helles !
Dumpster of ginger outside Styx??

Heavenly Zuchini

Thursday, July 4, 2013


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I want to again thank everyone that supported us on the last campaign. The good news is we are coming back bigger and stronger. For this next campaign we will have reviews of the sauces to link to, press helping us spread the word and probably the most important factor, a team of dedicated people and a game plan.
If you are willing to support us again I would ask that you do so in the first day or two of the launch. By contributing early we can show some momentum which will in turn excite others to join in and show Kickstarter that we are serious!
To help get things rolling this time we are throwing a Launch Party at Backyard (388 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11220) on Wednesday, July 10th, starting at 6:00pm. We will be taking pictures and shooting video to share with all of you. We will be offering sauce and T-shirts for video clips telling why you like the sauce, the Top 10 Reasons to support the Salamander, your first experience of Salamander...
If you are in the area stop by and join in the fun. There will be cocktails made with Salamander sauces, food pairings and as mentioned earlier, prizes!
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


DINOSAUR BBQ has stalked from Syracuse to Troy to Harlem to Park Slope. Union Ave between 3 and 4 street. An industrial mamouth site that looks like it has been there forever(because the building probably has been). And while Fletchers is still a go to place...this offers room for gangs and long evenings and families and maybe even a poker game. Fried Green tomato sandwiches get good revews and my first hand report backs up the baby backs and chicken combo.

Beer Flight with bare knees

 There was a storm July 3, and while waiting for Jeanne(who had rented a kayak to reach this newcommunity jewell) I ran into Councilman Brad Landner (long time community leader) and we prayed for the rain to stop and that of course worked,but we also won a rainbow.

Guest Post: Lunching with the judges of the Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest

Judging the Food and the Gardens

Guest Post by Jeanne Rostaing

Want to make 4 plant and food lovers really really happy? Then do what the nice people at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden did this summer.  The ladies that run GreenBridge, the community outreach arm of the garden, hired 3 colleagues and myself to spend two weeks traveling around the borough. 
Photos by Jeanne Rostaing unless otherwise noted

Our assignment was to assess the efforts of the nearly 200 blocks that had entered this year’s Greenest Block in Brooklyn Contest.

Getting the judging job would have been wonderful in itself, but then they told us: “lunch is on us and you get to pick the places.”  As my fellow judge Susan Steinbrock exclaimed, “This is the best gig in town!”

What an amazing opportunity to see some brilliant urban gardening and assess the state of dining opportunities in Brooklyn.  Trust me, that state is doing impressively well.  

What follows is a little travelogue of our lunch spots along with a few detours we made along the way. Use it as a guide if you are also planning to travel around Brooklyn anytime soon.  Bon Appetite!

MONDAY: Early on we decided to try for a different ethnic cuisine everyday.  We started off with an American classic: pit barbeque.  The place was Fletcher’s, a low-key joint located on Third Avenue.  No need to go south to Texas or the Carolina’s. 

Photo courtesy of Traci Cappiello

Succulent ribs, pork, brisket and chicken are available right here in Gowanus.  These people are serious about what they are doing.  

The day we stopped in they were explaining their methods to a group of out-of-town enthusiasts visiting for the annual Madison Square Park BBQ Block Party. The carnivores in our group praised the meaty offerings.  The vegetarian loved the veggie chili and the silky mac and cheese.

TUESDAY: Our next lunch was at CafĂ© Tibet in Ditmas Park.  It’s a tiny, cheery place right next to a subway station on Cortelyou Road.  The food, which is reminiscent of Indian cuisine, is delicious, plentiful and inexpensive.  We ordered vegetarian momo…

Veggie Momo