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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food Scouting in Williamsburg and BAM West Indian Fair


Mole guac making
Mole has added a place near the smorg food fest(bklyn flea sponsored)...kent and 4st. We love the one on jane and hudson and their cubby hole on Houston but this one has room. I've heard about Spuytin Duyvil. The highlight was Mole's shrimp tacos below and the guacamole and tamale..
Shrimp tacos
Bike fetisch event in w-burg

lawn snack manhattan view THE SMORG

Meat stand and bridge view

Spuyten garden
Saltie Menu
and this was chance to scout them out on the way to Woody's time travel Paris love letter movie.  The BAM West Indian booths requires some tracking and stalking too.Earlier we passed the reopening of early 20th century Montes on Carol near the Gowanus, Venice of Bklyn.    Móle on Urbanspoon

Friday, May 27, 2011

SADDLE up for Brucie on court in cobblehill bklyn but beware men in black

two men in black pose with blue boy and above pasta and tomato butter and sprouts
a chef engagin

Chicken sausage parm on caputo bread...hey bill

The chicken sausage parm on caputos bread was one of the best dishes i have eaten in years.
Men in black cars
saddle up and tractor on down to food heaven
taggliatelle with brussel sprouts and tomato butter and burata and the falanghina and the cafe and the likeable staff and culture and the fun oriented seating and the engaging chefs...this is what we wanted to kick off memorial day week end. And we walked past the men in black 3 crew filming stunts grateful they didn't spray us with their forgetful spray because we wanted to remember BRUCIES on Court and Baltic. Brucie on Urbanspoon

Surfish ...Peruvian newcomer with garden on 5av bet 4st and 5st Park Slope

Last night the garden was splendid LA like..without the floods and quakes. The fried oysters and the chips and the cauliflower soup and the paella(except for the cold rubbery squid pieces) were superb as was the avocado salad. The wine list is brief but "cherce" (bklyn for choice). The folks ,like their counterparts a few blocks away at Columbia, are warm and natural hosts. This place will be getting positive go now and avoid the waits.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Katz's Deli on Houston around the corner from my grandpas place on Stanton; lower east side

What is derma?

 Send a derma with gravy to your kid in the navy. Old school deli full of fun and fat. Corned beef not like with cabbage..spicy salami...and how come they stopped making diet cel-ray. Glad I skipped lunch.

Katz's Deli on Urbanspoon Harry met Sally here

WALLE BAR RESTAURANT . Chinese fused with American but not like chop suey

chine mac and cheese?

249 e53rd st Manhattan. The Ribs soaked in tamarind and the birds nest filled with vegies and tofu and the chicken were all superb. As was the Albarino. The waiter came from Nepal via Minnesota with a likeability and knowledge that served him and us well. The vegi side needed sesame oil or something to juice it up but all the greens were fresh and well cooked. I loved the chicken dumplings and think this Chin Chin kin will thrive.
Walle Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Brothers Moon in Hopewell NJ

salad trio
This is the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch or

a Wednesday lunch or a holiday family gathering because it is casual and high cuisine and comfort food like crab cakes with celery root slaw and local asparahus soup and asparagus risotto and a lovely salad trio.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Entre Nous...Food and Finance High Pops up at Food Channel

kitchen pork prep

Wonderful Food Channel Celebs . Glad to have met Mailinos pastry chef(charming).  Great cause and the student's pride waffed over us all. Jackie Gleason may have been the chef of the future but that was a long ago honeymoon trip. These are the future chefs.