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Thursday, August 8, 2013

JAMES REPUBLIC...long beach longshot....that paid off. 500 East First Street.

Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point, California

Watermelon, feta and..

Some family came up from San Diego and others south from Long Beach. We met at Dana point and after Jacques told me to fly a kite and then he got loft and Odette calmed Alex and grass sitting and beach gazing were over we began thinking about a restaurant. We had passed this place and it looked rustic and warm...and it was ..with our own living room/dining room and a concert for the kids to dance to and outdoor fires and a joyous wedding in the lower court yard. Family and watermelon salad, fresh tuna sandwiches, hot garlic cheese rolls and more. I couldnt have dreamed a better evening. Helped alot by patient professional staff.  corner of pacific coast highway and crown valley parkway.
Pat and Claire

Odette and Alex