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Thursday, November 24, 2011

SAI THAI Kitchen new and best park slope Thai..sorry other Thai neighbors

Drunken noodle chicken

Cashew nut shrimp

Red curry with tofu

437 5th ave bet 8 and 9streets...The style of Moim and the taste of our Queens Thai memories. All three of us loved our choices:Shrimp pockets, crispy corn cakes, red curry with tofu , cashew nut shrimp with sticky rice, and drunken noodle chicken. No liquor license yet. Slow kitchen should speed up with experience and yet the charming tone of the staff makes waiting a peaceful experience.

seafood fried rice

shrimp and cashew with Tofu sans shrimp
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend with bernie ,the salmon, fresh from Alaska via Seatle via Delta

salt and egg white encasement
That weekend  that we spent on Bald Head Island off the Carolina coast back when there was a TWA and it owned the Travel Channel and Arthur Frommer was the star we watched weekend with Bernie get filmed..Andrew McCarthy and others were clearly part of a low budget flop...that became a sleeper cult hit. And who can get that crazy sick dead flopping body treated as a prop after death out of their minds...oh its NOT it is.
               But now we turn to Daniel, recently encamped with a grand new job and car near the Pike Market and he conjures the kind of adventure that begins at the equally iconic Pike Market, where tossing large fish is as essential to Seattle's image as its needle or snow peaked mountain or the San Juan Islands as the empire state or statue of liberty is to ours.
                  Daniel obtains a salmon fresh from is tossed into a box and then his arms and then he goes to the airport and discusses what i assume wasn't more than a business class seat for his salmon...there are some logistical snags but the two arrive and the required preparation ingredients are obtained on the way from JFK and the prep begins. Mom Susan offers up a gazillion eggs for the salt packing and fresh Indian fenugreek for the sauce and alot of oranges lemons and limes(prettier  than when crushed)for the enlisted citrus man to slice and kosher salt in the kind of quantity that could have paved the flat track for a land speed record.
                  There was fresh grown tarragon...still growing in November in lush Bklyn...and the visitor was unboxed......clearly this dead fish was the gourmet prop to be named BERNIE...our weekend centerpiece
Recreating the couch scene from the Weekend at Bernies
No really this is how it was when I hooked it...gene splicing and fresh from the waters off silicon valley

Citrus man .
Bernie and new friend smile for the blog
decapitation caption
Daniel embrace his vision

The service is over..just a skeletal memory remains and a lingering taste of the most memorable salmon.

Fenugree sauce

Breaking away the salt crust

Next time we build a bigger oven so Bernie could  keep his head

...soon to be encrusted in a baked salt rock and served to more delight than the Bald Head Island revelers.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Chavella's 736 Franklin Ave , the new bigger still jammed home of...

tilapia and shrimp

Tortas Vegi

The best Mexican food in NYC. With a tallapia and shrimp  Plato Don Pescado and Salsa trio and perfect mole and a great old building to hold it. One sour spot: the margarita..a mix? But then there is the guacamole and flan to help us forget.

Cook and Brown @ 959 Hope Street in Providence

Happy Birthday, my clown

I liked the donuts best and the way they served the Hake family style. The Gerwertziminer was a nice choice. We celebrated 3
birthdays but one of the celebrants needed her sleep...she might have gotten scared when she saw the large tray of poached eggs on bread with bacon bits ...I did. But a happy memory was created
again with food and family and even though I love food ...the center of the joy was a son,daughter,daughter-in-law(and her Mom), my Jeanne and a sleepy clown.

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Roma for the pizza that dared to open on Bleeker near Johns and Keste

I applaud their bravery and declare this stretch of Bleeker near Jones Street the regional Italian pizza
competion center of NYC. Keste is Neopolitan...Johns is classic ny coal but Roma is ROME. The variety is appealing...the bread loafs to go are tasty but their key ingredient is the pizza dough and its semolina like crunch.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Julians in Providence. 318 Broadway 401-861-1770

 This is where we celebrated my son's birthday brakfast with my daughter Kim a vegi newby and Jeanne Ms Microbiotics 1970 and Corey Carnovore...because here everyone is happy and the starwars /pez bathroom adds fun to the totally everything and well prepared menu. Near Federal Hill and not fr from occupy providence Julians is a dream. Must try for an evening thing..with the taps and and the promising dinner menu.
Big whisk light

Star wars figures and 3 rolls

occupy Providence

Fez and cartoons in the bathroom

Friday, November 4, 2011


above hail caesar and belowpasta e fagioli


The only thing better than the food at Per Lei was the service. Andres served us caciofi romana(sauted articokes] and a beautiful scallop and mushroom appetizer and minestrone(needed the parm that it got) and the pasta e fagioli...even the fruit and sorbet at the end was filled with a nicely chosen fruit mix. Water always filled and a waiter who could describe ,engage, and swoop in and out like a likable pro.
The ambiance is colorful warm and filled with art that draws your eyes away from the subway construction across from 1347 2nd av. It was a good evening weather wise and a visit with Danny at the Hospital revealed he is on the mend. Nevertheless I liked Per Lei per se.

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