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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Great fall STOP IN JACKSON HEIGHTs COMMON GARDENS FOR EVE'S BIRTHDAY PICNIC. WARM GATHERING OF FAMILY AND FRIENDS. So close to Jackson Diner dosas...but maybe the Mandoo dumplings and Korean restaurants or Tibetan  or Chinese pulled noodles or Vietnamese OR Thai? ...We could go to Sunnyside and see new restaurants where we lived...or LIC John Browns Smokehouse...lets walk....or we could go to Parkside where the boccie court sits outside in the park and then bring back lemon ices for our friends. From the LEMON ICE KING (KING OF CORONA_SIMON AND GARFUNKEL).

But wait...what is this ..96-01 Corona Ave..corner triangle
Enter a small joyful place the family that delivers and a waiter who seems to have joined this family. Have some pinot grigio and Gorgonzola/walnut/apple risotto. Taste the red snapper with beans and the perfectly dense bread and the yard of spinach
ravioli. This is the end of the rainbow. One suggestion: state price of special.We will go back. Try it you will like it. Excellent food and presentation and the kind of rare neighborhood feel that makes it destination worthy (thanks, Mario)...or the way to satisfy a walkabout hope.

And a pint of cherry ice.
Snapper Special

We did walk to the King . Call ahead 718 271 1250.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

DPs in the Hampton Inn on Chapel st , Albany. I

Tres Sorbets

    I like the fresh warm pretzel nuggets and the Thai fried rice and shrimp...the great wine list and friendly staff.
    Last of the pretzel nuggets.


    water melon me

    Starting with the marshmallows roasting on the patio, I loved this restaurant. Id love it anywhere...not just because it was one of the only places opened on Labor Day. The basil spicy mussels and chopped salad and water mellon salad(too traslucent to show in photo ;too transcendant to leave out) and the corn salad and the fochachia bread..they all were what you'd want.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    AUTUMN CAFE ...Oneonta

    Band played while we shopped and ate

    fish cakes
    Blocks of farmers stands and crafts and yard sailing. And then a quaint cafe with perfect lunch items including a TLT (tofu lettuce and tomato). The fish cakes were memorable and the fries were large and crispy.

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    steak and garlicky pineapple

    jeanne's special quiche

    East Meridith New York...a mile from our Harmony Hills yurt...and a place to gather with a diverse table of strangers in a warm environment with a farm tour by Farmer Tom Bklyn carpenter turned turkey and beef and pig farmer and cooked by his wife Wall Streeter turned cook. Meet Tom on Fridays at the Union Square market or saddle up to dinner on the farm or wont be sorry. As for the dinner itself, the tender steak ,the tomato gazpacho, the custards, the NYS wines, all get high marks.
    Our nearby Harmony Hill Yurt

    Oakley's Place...Arkville,NY

    Pizza snobs take note. Gerard a former carpet /linoleum mechanic has built a wood-fired oven and collected home made mozzarella and basil and an excellent tomato sauce and brought them together with great success at a homey piney saloon at 44681 rt 28 and for 7 days a week you can enjoy a lunch or dinner and a beer in a part of town without too many options (notable exception: Peekamouse in Big Indian). Calzones and hamburgers also received praise from a new customer who greeted me at the door to congratulate me as a regular...premature gratitude but after one pie I accept his thanks.

    tel# 845 586 3474.

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