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Monday, March 17, 2014

EMILY's on Fulton

Full disclosure i have known Emily and Mathew for some time (since they got Bklyn Central off the ground)...but I only just found out Emily knows my daughter from high school....however no conflict here because I would never fib about Pizza. Just look at these pies::perfect crust with perfect char and the peppers and onions and herbs on the rafa or the taleggio pistachios and truffle sottocenere with honey on the Emily speak for themselves. A fine bloody Mary with brunch and a great copper bar..these are the things of which I sing.  919 Fulton near Clinton in Ft Green. 347 844 9588

Emily on Urbanspoon
The Emily

Alex loved the pie


Emily on the right and my family to her left

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Again Eric eats was privileged to serve as a judge in this contest held at Lake Grove Long Island Whole Foods who sponsored it along with Cornell University Cooperative extension of Suffolk County and 4H. Ten Middle School and 10 High School groups competed. Each had a coach and family and shopper observers cheering them on along the rails. Broadcast live by WEHM 92.9 and 96.9 this 5 hour event was a hoot. Serious joy was the tenor and tone for the kids and the judges left so full of tastygood food and a sense that food IS love.
         Judges included Arlene Leggio Head Cook Islip School District and Food Network 'CHOPPED'
CONTESTANT ...and Margaret Mclone  from NSLIJ's Plainview Hospital ..Paula DiMiglio big up at whole foods and WF Claire Fastenau, BETSY DAVIDSON EDIBLE LI and Vito MINEI ED CCE Suffolk. Brother Lane and JIM FOGARTY were also on the judge squad.

A Suffolk 4Her

Gals Cooking Pals from Holy Angels and Bellport MS
were among the prize holders

Judge Margaret

Twenty of these trays were presented to the judges
who meant to taste but end up consuming

Broccoli and potato patties gently shaped
by a wild whisker team member

Excited winners
An award for The Little Flower team applauding her star
The Judges

Lane and Claire

Sunday, March 2, 2014

DeLorenzo Tomato Pies...Newer location but the old joy

 Once upon a time there was a downtown Trenton tomato pie place that served pie and only pie...they have a newer location but Susan,David and Susan's mom took us on the search for the holy grail. Yes pizza but pizza that doesn't flop but snaps and crackles (no pop..or flop). And here tomatoes are not diluted . They do not play second banana to the cheese. Here they lead and star and give meaning to the pies. Oh and something else ..the menu has expanded to include salads with things like blood oranges and one with walnuts and mozzarella with a creamy center. The pie toppings we tried were artichokes and olives but there are more choices. BYOB.The vibe is family and youthful and considerate...There was  a 45 minute wait but there was a grocer nearby at which  you could shop  while waiting and heck there was a three hour wait at Biaca's and this trip didn't involve airports or luggage checking. I am getting to an age where there are fewer new things. But here we found a new pizza with good friends of long standing.


Susan and Mom return for the Jersey Madelines



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