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Monday, April 30, 2012

HAKKASAN 311 West 43st

I dare the Times to give this first new real China cuisine restaurant less than three stars. I have no photo of the best dim sum I have ever had and the clay pot chicken was superb but I have no picture of the spicy prawns...because you cant photograph magical disappearing food. There is a picture of the caramelized banana and peanut butter  deconstruction and some day i will find the strength to describe the perfect Albarino. Oh i loved the bar tender from Arizona and the wait person from South Africa and the somolier.

 from another time...but I really liked walking through this incredible space guided places you only needed to pass if the guide wanted to be sure you had a peak at every fantastic angle. Find the door by spotting the calligraphy and swoop in for the mystery tour and taste trip. And vegi lovers will love it too.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


jean-georges bones a chicken

Iconic Andre Soltner admires

David Bouley

Brother and chicken(brother in back)

Lane and  Jean-Georges

lane and Jacques Pepin discuss the large clams used to make ho-jos clamswiches

Brother Lane teamed with the Intl Culinary Institute and New york Magazine to teach Ericeats. Classes by David Bouley, Jacques Torres,Dan Barber, Cesare Casella, Paul Liebrandt, Jean-Georges Vongerichen, Jacques Pepin, Andre Soltner, and more. This was fantasy camp for cooking/eating fans.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mesa Coyoacan...crossing the BQE

tamarind margarita
veg enchilada

M Noodle


Nite Hawk cinema plus

Diner before crossing Metropolitan 

Bar at Mesa

pollo pipian


Usually we explore the North side of Williamsburgh and while we ended up there last night, this trip jump started on the South side at 372 Graham ave. at a Mexico City style restaurant with a party vibe and great food starting with a tamarind margarita. The chicken pipian was covered with a blend of vegetables and avocado and a sprinkle of pine nuts. The Veg enchilada was well received and the guac was good as well.
                              The walk after dinner brought us to M Noodle a reminder of the perfect order at the window Chinese dumpling and noodle spot in Wash DC that was the perfect late night fuel station.
We had also heard about the Nitehawk Cinema on the N side but had never seen it with its bars and food
companions. There was a beer hall we vowed to try and some great shops in the new Williamsburgh (new every year).  We also craved Sel De Mer (next to Mesa) and Oak Wine Bar, Carmines Pizzeria, and the hoppin "gwynnett st " which just earned 2* from the nyt.  

unfortunately no loner a bakery but the is one south of this one, but
still a great sign and front
Mesa Coyoacan on Urbanspoon