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Monday, April 30, 2012

HAKKASAN 311 West 43st

I dare the Times to give this first new real China cuisine restaurant less than three stars. I have no photo of the best dim sum I have ever had and the clay pot chicken was superb but I have no picture of the spicy prawns...because you cant photograph magical disappearing food. There is a picture of the caramelized banana and peanut butter  deconstruction and some day i will find the strength to describe the perfect Albarino. Oh i loved the bar tender from Arizona and the wait person from South Africa and the somolier.

 from another time...but I really liked walking through this incredible space guided places you only needed to pass if the guide wanted to be sure you had a peak at every fantastic angle. Find the door by spotting the calligraphy and swoop in for the mystery tour and taste trip. And vegi lovers will love it too.

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