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Sunday, February 1, 2009

go to the gate and have a beer and see Pat

5ave and 3rd st park slope>>>i cant explain. please go

don peppe's vescuvios :17 friends time travel

on lefferts blvd in queens near jfk and north of route 27 sits john("no dont call before saturday...why do i need your last name?
Are you all here? ") and platters of baked clams,stuffed mushrooms,ziti,veal and chinese chicken and brocolli and tartuffo and cappacino and a sense that you are in another dimension...the house wines are $18@bottle ,not a glass, and you will find the love of the crowd you lead there. But be warned ...if like me you really wanted to talk to all your friends or snap photos of the lush linguini in clam sauce there is no time to talk and you cannot snap fast enough.Don Peppe's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon