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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rooftop Films picnic

The Old American Can Company roof was the venue for tonight's indie film,"I'll Come Running". south slope 3rd st and 4th ave top of converted 19th century factory...Rooftop also shows outdoors in Williamsburg and under the Bklyn Bridge and the Battery. This night was cool...the sky at sunset was filled with orange coated white billowy clouds... the warm up for the film was the live music ... a little less funky than the theramin player from Barbes last night(the duo was called Bell ..a Regina Spector sounding but more disonant thing with some moody screeching. But the real need was eats...I left my spouse on the roof and headed to the cafe next to Marias on Union and 4th...closed. we needed tamales and they were closed. The bagel place next store provided some tofu on a bially and tortelini salad and a total of 19.84 worth of snacks. The counterman noted that in 1984 he was in his prime.

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