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Friday, June 15, 2012

Williamsburgh walkabout ll...M Noodle ;the Dictator; and Gwynnett

Franklin, an unusual Bklyn pet,  leads his friend
When we arrived at Metropolitan Ave  an unusual Brooklyn pet appeared. This visionquest was off and running but the first thing ordered at M Noodle had NO PORK but killer sessame pancake sandwiches. The Nitehawk cinema did serve drinks and food at your seat for the 730 showing of the very disgusting,funny and insightful Dictator. And Gwynnett  St (312 Graham av) turned out to be an opportunity to appreciate how a great wait person could make even a table by the kitchen door a pleasant spot. And here the pea shoot salad and tofu and scallop dishes all tasted like fresh experiences.
dumplings and stuffed sessame pancakes


Gwynnett St. on Urbanspoon

smoked grapes and tofu @Gwynnett

scaffolded m noodle

Tofu at G STREET
nitehawk cinema

M Noodle Shop on Urbanspoon

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