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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beachwood BBQ moves to Long Beach and we conregate at Congregation Ale House

Pulled pork on pretzel and above Beechwood's unique beer temperature control and
way above Dexter movie set

Pulled chicken and blue cheese grits and potato salad

DR. Patrick waves
Congregation Ale House on Urbanspoon

Fried green tomato..sandwich or salad

Dr's wife and Jeanne and Dr's mother Odette
Congregation collection

And I risk violating the archaic byzantine cruising law of Long Beach because I want to keep circling back to these places...and I almost included the Miami Beer Fest tili found out it was just a set for HBO's Dexter. The fried green tomatos at Beachwood were only matched by their pulled chicken and pork sandwiches on Pretzel rolls and the blue cheese grits. Theyserved Jeanne  Saint Femillen blanche ale at Conregation and she loved this Belgian brew.

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Patrick Heps said...

Per the street signs, we definitely stayed out passed our curfew that night. Some of us were HOPPY about it with "Melrose IPA" (A full-blown “West Coast” IPA w/ hop resins and Canadian “honey” malt) at Beachwood BBQ and "Pure Hoppiness" and "Duet" (Alpine Brewery) at Congregation Ale house!