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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

nick and barbara go to lima...and then so do we

Nick Taylor is a sailor, travel writer, and leading non fiction writer with an instinct for the right book to write at the right time( eg American-made about the depression era WPA ..paperback in February. QED). Barbara Nevins Taylor is an Emmy award winning tv journalist who is known for investigative discoveries. And now for the food Nexus. They went to Peru, discovered and drank Pisco sours, ate shrimp and veggie Causas (mashed potato balls),Peruvian Cerviches, chicken anticuchos (hot green sauce) and aji de pollo(shredded chicken with yellow pepper sauce) ; so we all went to Lima's Taste on Christopher and Bedford and sat in the window and ate some of the best spicy food I have ever had. It is a little dark...a little moody. The waiter was a little dour.
Jeanne and I were alot happy. Keep sailing, friends, and continue to create microcosm replications of your taste experiences.

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