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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heidelberg Vundarbar .Das Schloss mit das beer

1969 octoberfest like gathering in a biergarten on the river with the castle above next to the Kamping...since then there was an umpah place near Thornwood or Hawthorne ...and definitely the triangle Hofbrau(Jamaica Avenue near Hillside) headed by the Four family who had their own game farm upstate ...and there was Luchows and the Sacher House? (on 86st) and Ridgewood
had Gebhardts and Yorkville had many such places and bakeries and turnvereins...oh i remember Father Foerst from St Barbaras,
but most of all I remember Mrs Foerst a Bavarian farmer's daughter, neighbor in Bushwick, a housekeeper mentor who taught me about kindness and generosity and...potato pancakes (kartufelflaks?) mit apfelsaus. Latkes. And so Heidelberg on 2nd av and 85st
still standing after all these years was an opportunity for memory revival,not nostalgia but great hand rolled soft pretzels ,potato dumpling and pancakes and spaetzle and cabbage and sauerbraten and beer. Great beer.Picture of the Schloss on the wall. No "is das not the glackenspeil" but still a song in my heart.

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