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Sunday, February 19, 2012

PICCOLI...What a week end!

After La Traviata at BAM by the City Opera (omg i am becoming more than just a willing husband...I was practically a fan ...this opera should teach us fathers to butt out)...and later the ericwatches became eric eats. Late Saturday night(1030pm) we found another new terrific Italian restaurant in Brooklyn discovered this weekend(see Hopeland below).
This Trattoria has some Argentine influences (Torontes wine is one clue) and is located on an emerging strip of 6av (#522) near 14st. Don't miss the arcobaleno salad with grilled corn, peppers and avocado or the torta di olio with creme anglaise and orange (zest?).
escarole with cranberies(contori) but also don't miss the scallops when they have them or the cauliflower risotto (1 of 7 risottos). Chef Rodas is very present and the others who lead and serve here will make you feel at ease in a way that should draw you here from afar...from Mendosa,Argentina or Salerno Italia or Bandon, Oregon, but if you live between 3st and 18st in bklyn between ppw and 4av, they deliver.....


scallops in chickpea puree




BUT go there if you can because it will feel like a family dining room wall hangings and all and you wont have to clean up after or invite the neighbors because Piccoli will do all that for you.

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