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Saturday, March 17, 2012


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You can't eat the memory of a 20 year old scallop dinner in Troy or the Old telephone booth but you can time travel to this well preserved tavern and enjoy a Killian's beer and those scallops fried with shrimp and served with two squeeze bottles of tartar and cocktail sauce and ignore the canned beans. The ladies only entrance is a vestigial reminder of the not always glorious old days, and you can only tell your friends if they appreciate the role of incongruity in humor and the irony of physical reminders of triumphs over inequity. Incongruity too remembering  Tim's use of the rye bread with two holes under the glasses. How nice to spend some good time with good guy Bill who refuses to enter from other than the Ladies' door out of solidarity.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have a Brooklyn Gent visit Troy. Soon it will be the Valley Cats game with Jean. A great evening of humor, stories and some business. We enjoyed every bit but skipped the gravey on the homemade masshed potatoes to save room for a second brew. The only thing missing was a representative from the historic Spain Family