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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The American Hotel in Sharon Springs New York

Looking for a location to film the Separate Tables remake. This is it. A restored early 19th century hotel and fine dining room. Food and service very different than my Colgate era memories.
Wasn't ripple and blackberry brandy the perfect slim Jim companions back then. Well now an excellent Napa Frenzy  goes with the lobster,shrimp,scallop grill. Excellent though pricey given the current lobster bargains. Then again I was surrounded by people. The table with the Vermont life magazine executive looked like they were happy with each other and the place. We got to meet because they were startled by my phone camera flash(shooting the perfect cantaloupe and watermelon sorbets). And then there was John DeMain and his engaging wife from Wisconsin. John conducts the orchestra at Glimmerglass ("Cooperstown) and is currently waving a real baton for the music man whose instruments are imaginary (for those with little regard for the power of imagination...anybody remember early TV's Mr. Imagination?).

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lobster,scallops,shrimp grilled ambrosia

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