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Sunday, November 9, 2014

2 DUCK GOOSE 400 4th ave Park Slope...a Lawyer,a Roumanian, and a Hong Kong Chef create a sweet and not at all sour oasis

With all due respect 11215 lacked good Chinese food...til now. This hideaway across from a U Haul
sits in an area transitioning from commercial to residential/commercial. The setting is likable stark and warm from the vibe. And 4 particular foodies ate and drank good wine and a variety of small and larger dishes. Pickled radishes mixed with beets, and sweet and lush and thick and sour pork ...snap peas that snapped . Smoked tofu pleased the fussetarian. Noodles and pork had achieved evidence based chew
perfection. Verdejo and bottled beer met the beverage requirements.
             We started late (after Melissa McCarthy and Bill Murray in ST Vincent  *****) but one in the crew decided to take a departing customer up on the ice cream tip...the result was generous and delightful...see below.  Next time I will trade up from the duck rice to the full monty Peking Duck.


2 Duck Goose on Urbanspoon

Snap Peas and Greens

Wings so good they reminded me of the first time I ate buffalo wings....These were crisp and addictive



Radish fans run

Duck rice

Front smoked tofu and back noodles

You haul yourself to 2DUCKS

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