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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rachels and Chela changed places in a magic act. Go to 408 5th AV for the shazam

Tex Mex Rachel's was exceedingly casual but the Tex Mex food overlapped with their Tortilla house a few doors they did the Abracadabra Mexican-style and moved on classic upscale but affordable   Superb Duck Mole with pomegranate ....and wines less Frat house jug like than the Rachel's choices .... and more carefully chosen.  And the Margaritas have had an upgrade as well. An amuse bouche chicken soup in a small cup packed  a kick.  Supreme guacamole  and salsa with warm double layered chips.The tricks extend to the decor with Rachel's skeleton but after it bulked up on style . Earnest and cordial staff who all seemed to be as glad to be there as we were. Hola!
Chela !
Guac and salsa and warm chips

rice and beans

Duck mole
Veg enchilada

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