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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ditmas Park Brooklyn on the streets where we "spun the bottle"

S. and D. gave JR and I a stomach satiating and heart warming tour of a neighborhood I last  toured as a pre -teen on the way to spin the bottle parties. Argyle,Rugby Rd., Cortelyou- these streets reminded me of early kisses ,some with tongue but there was also the rejection when I was asked what I had been eating and my answer was "Genoa salami." No tongue on the menu 
or salami November 6..but S,D, jr, and I did discuss liver and onions (at Lou G. Siegals in the garment district).The tour started at Cafe Tibet which overlooks the open Q Train track at  1510 Cortelyou Rd. If
it hadn't been drizzling we could have sat outside under a thatched umbrella and next to a large growth of plastic flowers. Inside we were greeted by a crew of charming Tibetans and a smiling Dali Lama(photo only--but boy that would have been something if...but I digress). We shared the momos(vegi but available in other colors ). These are large hearty steamed dumplings served with a mild and a killer creamy, chili pepper sauce. We then shared JR's turine/bowl of veg-thenthuk, homemade flat noodle soup. Everything on the menu looked new and fabulous...plenty for the pork and fish and chicken and chow mein and fried rice lovers. They now deliver...we were told by each lovely staffer.  718 9412725   Hello Dali!
                     Next was a cocktail break at a flower shop/bar with a comfy version of the bar on N. Moore street in Manhattan  [the Bourbon Library]. This place is called SYCAMORE and it is on Cortylyou and Westminster.  Way in the back is a garden at which we could have sat  had it not been drizzling. Great long planked urban garden with umbrella tables and the smell of local fireplaces in the Fall air. Greeted at the front by a warm friendly voice seated at a clerks desk??...then greeted by a young bartender who immediately poured 4  melon{medori} cordials with pineapple and contreau(?) which we sampled before the tap beers , cider, and wine we ordered.  This is now my bar. The toast was to our new President, whom we toasted again at the next stop{not the last}...POMME DE TERRE 583 Argyle road with some benches outside that we didn't have time to sit at even if it wasn't drizzling because we were seated right away at our table. And were served a wonderful Sancere{topped off with out any request) and mussels,and potato leak soup and salad with tangy mustard dressing and mushroom ravioli in a brown butter sauce and D's entre portion of what he called the best sardines ever. This place is for the Ditmusites ,but sneak into their realm and you will feel at home...cozy french bistro full of happy adopted neighbors... And then to the surprise ending.... NYC ICY!...........
They were CLOSED... so we ventured to Carol Gardens and found solace in some Court Street ices and gelato{ Marias}.
S will investigate why NYices was closed , but if there is no hope we will Try Ralphs on 18st or F and B Spumonis in Bay Ridge. Ubiquitous Uncle Louie will not suffice. Disappointing ending? NOT. Just one of the best nights out ever. Thanks S and D and JR...and thanks for the memories of bottles spinning and hormones surging.

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