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Monday, November 24, 2008

ed levine, eat my tailpipe

Sorry to be hostile and competitive ,but ed has been my pizza guru. I waited 4 hours on his say so at Biancos in Phoenix. And I dragged my daughter's in laws there...but we loved it. Finally, I may have gotten there first. Tonight on an understated lead from Time Out I tried Toby's Public House on 21st
and 6ave in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Great saloon ambiance with a wine cork ceiling and decoupage in the rest rooms. Many taps. A gorgeous brick oven and a pie so good we ordered another. Certified Buffalo margarita. Crispy yet not crackery. A fine arugula salad with apples and goat cheese. Sure I would recommend
Totonno's or Lombardy's or Patsy's or John's or Franny's or Nicks or or Pizza town or Adrianne's or Amorina or Di Fara's or Giginos or Grimaldis or Savoia or Apizz or La Villa or Arturos (all great) ...nothing is better. Nicola Bertolotti is the pizza impresario.
As we walked to the subway (R at Prospect),we passed a vest pocket park called "Park". So i suggested to my wife that since I had walked by it on the occassion of this great discovery,the park should be named after me. "Yes ,she said, "We'll call it blah blah park."

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Anonymous said...

I went to Toby's to watch the inauguration - great folks working there, great pizza from the oven and good booze-infused coffee. Patrick