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Friday, February 26, 2010

Slope to Chile 12 hours and another hemisphere of eating

Not my usual territory. But there was a wedding at the Matetetic Vineyard for Jason and Pam and Pam was a student,an intern,a staffer, a lawyer, a friend who makes you happy when you are around her. Eric Lee was right as was phil re the Zero hotel in
Valparaiso and eric was right about the Orly in Santiago not the San Francisco but I didn't listen. The Sheraton in Vin Del Mar
was geat and their celeb morning tv show created a buzz. Felinnis was good near the Sheraton for Valentine's dinner especially the scallops in shells. Pablo Nerudas homes were great museums and the museum of contemporary arts was---Never mind,onto food and wine: La Sabastiana's veranda (the corner table we missed} and their rissoto. The ravioli and gnocchi at pasta a vino. The ugly old lady fish at Oda Pacifico near Neruda in Valparaiso.
The view from the top of the w. The Chinese food at the blue Danube....The wines were all special. Latrella was at the Sheraton but spotted us as we were headed to a fenicula in another town and called us from the tour van.

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nisha said...

hi eric! you are a jet-setter!! your blog is looking great!