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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indian Food from Tamba with a Chilean Twist

Since the Chile post an earthquake shook that beautiful country. So there was something slightly reassuring when our waiter
at Tamba (lex and 27st) spoke about his years in Chile and his children who are volunteering to help the people of Concepcion.
And jeanne and I liked the transitional moment. Charlene, who joined us to talk about karma, and we enjoyed fantastic Indian cooking in a warm. setting. They were out of the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc but the California chardonay was good. Having just taken the Indian cooking class held by the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park with Tim, I had a newly found appreciation for the skill and work behind making saag paneer(spinach,cheese curds,tomatoes and herbs). The saffron prawns were superb and Jeanne's pistachio kulfi was luscious...especially when presented as shown here with my shmutz- stain disquise art( I call it "paranoid boy,tree,house" with kulfi). We ate the masala dosa too fast to photograph the gigantic potato and lentil and onion filled crepe in the shape of a purim pastry.

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