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Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve @The Stone Park

Really... they are very nice children

Liz as Calamity the somolier
Andrew, and Caroline and the little Zombiettes

Holy 5 ave!

my peeps

Where all at the bar were familiar except for the ghosts and Goblins ...but the 5st crowd was also scary(in a good way)..and really I enjoyed hanging out with my peeps. And eating the muscles and apple crisp and chicken and thank you Mississippi Andrew and Liz, the perfect Annie or Calamity or just perfect Liz doing her vino exam...and thank you two cups of coffee that allows me to blog at this late hour. There were also the passersby on 5st including Andrew the very thoughtful scientist and caroline and their brood.
cat in the hat and cop with a hat

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