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Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIRT CANDY...vegetarian, not deprivation

Fennel flows
Really. No meat,fish, chicken..i should get over it. This place @ 430 east 9st helped. It is closet sized but spanking fresh looking. The kitchen is galley sized but the whole crew operates like the workings of a shiny pocket watch. Start with the Jalapeno Hush Puppies with maple butter. These are like  a party in a croquette. Fennel sunflower soup with fennel pretzels sounds too fancy spa-like..but tastes foamy and
as welcome as a wicker basket at a picnic in the meadow (oh stuff it if you think this writing is wanting...i am trying and have just started liking this food...talking about it well may come later).
HUSH,hush, sweet puppies

Popcorn pudding

Well consider the grits and tempura poached egg...damn! And next time chard gnocchi..yes there will be a next time, you flesh lovin cynics.

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Liz Roberts said...

Dirt Candy rocks! Glad you're getting the word out... although, then again, it's already hard enough to get a reservation for people like me who don't plan ahead. For long-time veggies like us, a fresh approach is welcome, and Dirt Candy's nailed that.