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Friday, January 4, 2013


i LOVE restaurants...especially new good ones...and at 285 third ave corner of carroll is a stylish new comer with so much going for it and evidence upon which to build hopes. Evidence like the chicken in mushroom broth with mushroom dumplings or  the promise embedded in maple flavored sprouts. Really though some of the best bread wheat/rye bread is the true signature to the bakery feature of this cozy haven reveals itself. The bar feels personable and equipped. And now we turn to ambiance and story/character...this place has both in spades. The green and recycled features are attractive and almost fireplace like in their ability to make you comfy. The flour sack walls and the reclaimed  water tank wood tables..the basement alcove...and then in the rear bakers racks! They were empty but full that morning with? Tomorrow they will display? The butter is made of melted gold and the olive oil tastes expensive. Prices were reasonable and be aware that this location is no longer just commerce..a cluster of restaurants has mushroomed---sorry thinking of the dumplings.

Signature bread

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Anonymous said...

This place looks fantastic. Thanks for the review & photos, Eric. My mouth is watering. I'll be sure to check it out!