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Sunday, May 7, 2017

LADY'S 572 Fulton St

Downtown Brooklyn once meant Juniors. It still means Juniors but also BAM. And now it means Lady's . Across from the Harvey and up from a grand food court there is now a place to complete the theatre and dinner...

or  Movie and Brunch goal.  

As a child the Million Dollar movie introduced me to stylish restaurants that looked so different from Himrod street I came to think those hazy dreamy places became Voisin and Luchows .
But now there is an update: Lady's.  Grand open kitchen and comfortable spacious seating
and pro wait service from thoughtful people like Ashanti. And the menu brings more likes from  varied guests than I usually encounter.  The food itself rang pleasure bells.
  1. The crispy cheesy roasted potatoes were irresistible.
  2. The cavatelli scored a 10
  3. Agnalotti were ricotta stuffed pillows in an asparagus pesto and olive gush. 
  4. The margharita pizza was ...even for BK outstanding ...especially the crust thin and fried and maybe with kind of an olive oil fried fluff without being fried ...but airy....oh try it.
  5. The allagash draft and erbaluce white were also favored.

crispy cheesy potatoes with rosemary



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