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Friday, August 12, 2011

if SOCO were a stock on the market I would buy NOW

BBQ Chicken and red beans and rice (Bottom) Marlene and Mickey with red velvet waffles and fried chicken
(middle) and Ribs (top)

It is a restaurant on Myrtle and Grand that obviously buys at the right markets. Because Chef Kingsley John knows how to shop...and cook. I have rarely been so sure and its not about my
is about the craw fish dumplings(packages) and the Shrimp and lobster on grits and the smoked (smokin')

the view to the outdoor seating

corn. Try to go when George is the gentleman managing the bar full of great bourbons and Veltliners and a beer smorgasbord. And try the mac n cheese and the barbecue chicken and the red beans and rice.
The chicken was infused with smoke in a way I haven't tasted for a score of years (Vicksburg near the river 1991)....and then I was back for spicy ribs and fried chicken and waffles...OMG!

craw fish dumplings
lobster and grits and shrimp 

Soco on Urbanspoon

For me ,I cant wait to bring everyone I know.

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