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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kingston is near Princeton and ENO TERRA is near perfect

kim above trio bruchetta

And even if you only want pasta and butter
Kim has taught Sophie a CDF Freedom School move
Jeanne in contemplation

Pat,then Kim,Then Corey,Then Sophie
Bruchetta Trio
Fresh local veggies and farm fresh cheeses and grilled Little Neck clams...Chilean white wine and the family...and a walk along the canal on a day with weather to match. The wait staff were informative and

Along the canal

Steak Caesar

Pat on the high always

watermelon salad
Grilled clams

warm...I am guessing there were several emeritus professors amidst the other diners....but i am certain if you go here,you will feel blessed. Family plus Eno Terra=Terra Firma.

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